For college students

For college students

From Karen Mayer

My goal is to help students to build their futures: to choose and achieve their career goals! Also, I am a writer

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Material assistance: general information

The legislation provides for various types of material assistance for students in difficult financial and life circumstances. With low income or the right to state benefits, you can receive regular and increased social scholarships. Some universities also pay one-time financial assistance on special occasions, for example, in connection with a wedding or the birth of a child. Orphans are entitled to special benefits and compensation.

Each accredited university receives huge amounts from the state budget, which it is obliged to pay to all students. The school divides the funds into several parts: academic scholarships, higher and personal scholarships for special merits, and a budget for financial assistance to students. The site of many universities publishes information on fairly large amounts - up to 15,000 rubles. to every student in need. But how to get well-deserved money? And is it true that the cost of seasonal clothes and shoes can be reimbursed? Let's figure out which students are supposed to receive financial assistance, as well as what other payments from the state and the university you can count on.

Increased Social Scholarship

Who can get: first-year students who are eligible for state social scholarships and showing excellent academic performance.

Conditions for obtaining: the highest social scholarship is usually given to students studying undergraduate programs (1-2 years), provided that they study without triples. In senior courses, in most cases, bonuses for good performance are not provided or they are significantly reduced.

Documents: in addition to a certificate from the social security certificate and other documents confirming the right to a social scholarship, the student will need to provide copies of the grade book certified by the dean for the required period (semester or year), copies of published works, information on scientific and public work.

Dimensions: increased social scholarship should increase student income to a living wage. Thus, taking into account the received social and academic scholarships, you can count on an increase. Some universities establish graduation payments depending on the course of the scholarship holder and his social situation. For graduate students, the increased social scholarship at the university is calculated in relation to the basic academic scholarship

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