For a Coffee Shop for Sale in Florida, Just Love Coffee Cafe

For a Coffee Shop for Sale in Florida, Just Love Coffee Cafe

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Coffee houses have long been a center for socialization. They’re also places where people find inspiration. The gentle background hum of conversation, the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the relaxed atmosphere… are all things people love about coffee shops.

This is true for coffee shops for sale in Florida. With Just Love Coffee Cafe’s recent expansion plans, our coffee franchise could be just what Florida is looking for.


We love our coffee and community. Americans drink 517 million cups of coffee every day. That’s billions of cups per year.

Whether it’s college students getting their caffeine fix during a study session or the average worker getting in their morning cup of joe to find their stride for productivity, coffee is a daily part of our lives. Even specialty coffees. Half the coffee drinkers in the US drink specialty coffee every day.

What does that mean for coffee shops? They’re thriving. Coffee shops report an average annual growth rate of 7%.


The coffee scene in Florida is just as booming as it is in the rest of the country, making coffee shops for sale in Florida a prime investment. In fact, a study performed by WalletHub found that three cities in Florida—Orlando, Tampa, and Miami—all broke the top 10 for the Best Coffee Cities in the US.

For investors interested in a coffee shop for sale in Orlando, the coffee scene ranges from nationally recognized brands to independent coffee shops that lure in professionals and students alike. Orlando has the most coffee shops per capita than any other city in Florida, and its residents embrace each one enthusiastically.

Tampa is also a hot spot for coffee, coming in at #7 on WalletHub’s list. Tampa’s coffee culture had deep roots as home to one of the country’s oldest coffee roasters, Naviera Coffee Mills, which keeps grocery stores around the nation well supplied. Tampa coffee shops for sale will find themselves immersed in a market that loves the cafe experience as well. Tampa residents have a deep love for coffee and are always on the lookout for their next favorite cafe.

As for a coffee shop for sale in Jacksonville, this city only reached #60 on WalletHub’s list of best coffee cities. That may sound like Jacksonville isn’t as wise a choice for a Just Love Coffee Cafe location, but it might be the best choice of them all. The three other major Florida cities to crack the top 10 have deep roots and established coffee habits. Jacksonville may be on the cusp of discovering its coffee soul, and Just Love Coffee Cafe could help shape that.


Floridians love a coffee cafe that stands out, and sharing coffee is a deeply ingrained part of the culture. In Miami, the coffee scene is more about the social aspect than the quality of the coffee. For investors interested in a coffee shop for sale in Miami, bringing Just Love Coffee Cafe’s specialty blend coffees to that social aspect could be the move that elevates Miami’s coffee palate.


The Just Love Coffee Cafe concept has as many nuances in its franchise model as a good cup of coffee has in its flavor. That’s what makes this franchise one of the best choices for coffee shops for sale in Florida.

First, Just Love Coffee Cafe has a deeply giving nature. The company was started when Rob Webb took his experience working in his family’s specialty coffee bean roasting company to the next level to help families raise funds for adoption. That spirit of giving continues today through Just Love Coffee Cafe’s charity arm, Roots of Love.

Second, Just Love Coffee Cafe has a unique menu that stands out among the usual fare offered by coffee shops. Customers can get all their favorite specialty coffees from lovingly roasted beans at any time, but they can also order Instagram-worthy foods served all day. The menu centers around waffle iron cooking. If you’ve never had an omelet or classic sandwich perfectly toasted on a waffle iron, you’re missing out.

The foods are beautifully presented and flavorful with plenty of options for versatility. The kitchen equipment necessary to open a Just Love Coffee Cafe is simplified thanks to there being no need for large, industrial ovens or ventilation systems.

Thanks to a more streamlined kitchen operation, Just Love Coffee Cafe franchises require a smaller footprint for build-out needs, and that’s always a plus for coffee shops for sale in Florida.


If you’re looking for coffee shops for sale in Florida but don’t know where to look first, Just Love Coffee Cafe can help.

We’ve expanded rapidly, adding 30 units in the last 18 months with projections indicating we’ll continue to grow, doubling in size in the next year. We are a franchise worth watching, particularly in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States.

The Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise model is one of the most affordable coffee shops for sale in Florida and the rest of the nation. Due to the smaller build-out requirements, the initial investment range is lower than average, coming in between $333,500 and $563,000 with a $39,000 franchise fee.

As part of this investment, Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise owners receive extensive support. Our franchise development team offers expert advice on site selection and build-out. Our training ensures franchise owners have what they need to run a smooth coffee shop business. We also provide hands-on guidance during the grand opening and continue with ongoing support through marketing campaigns and periodic on-site visits. We’re available to answer any questions our franchise owners have to ensure their daily operations run seamlessly.

If you’re interested in a coffee shop for sale in Florida, Just Love Coffee Cafe’s franchise model is a good match for the culture and target market for the state. Contact us today or download our free ebook to learn how you can become a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise owner.

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