The Film: "In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai"

The Film: "In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai"

From The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute

A moving documentary, a journey into the hidden heart of China. Meeting the people, the living history, with surprising insights into China's great peacemaker, Zhou Enlai, for the benefit of everyone in the world.

The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute

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"In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai" was conceived four years ago, and entered production last year. It is a singular chronicle of a journey into the unseen heart of modern China, a quest to understand the roots of a great nation -- a nation and a people that affect the lives of all of us, the future of our careers and families.

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With the focused insight of the filmmaker, Xiaofang Zhou, the crew visited 21 towns and cities over 49 days, taking nearly 17,000 photos and recording over 200 hours of video. They sought something rare, special and elusive: insight into the life of China's great peacemaker, Zhou Enlai.

See a Personal Statement from the Filmmaker, Xiaofang Zhou

He is one of the most beloved and trusted people in China, even today, 40 years after he passed away. He is almost unknown outside of China, but his importance, as an index of the character of the people, increases rather than diminishes with time.

By visiting the places where Zhou Enlai lived and made history, talking to the people who knew him and worked with him, whose lives were changed by him, the film brings us to a personal insight into the great man.

To know Zhou Enlai, is to know how the Chinese people see themselves, in the highest light.

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The people who will most benefit from this film, the primary audiences, include:

  • people worldwide interested in understanding China in profound and personal ways;
  • people worldwide wishing to know how peace can be built, even in the most challenging circumstances;
  • people in China who wish to understand Zhou Enlai, one of their most respected leaders, more deeply;
  • educators and students, from primary to post-secondary, with  curriculum related to issues about China and peace;
  • business, political and diplomatic leaders at all levels, who wish to grasp the fundamentals of China's vision of itself in the world, and how to connect with its people

Discover Zhou Enlai's masterwork, "The Five Principles of Peace"

This film is already well into production, funded by family, friends, and contributors in America and China.

We have raised $45,000 to date; we've done two months of filming across China with a documentary crew, and many months of research and editing.

Our goal is to raise an additional $60,000 to complete the film by the end of 2016, and are opening up to wider participation from the public in this fine project.

Contributors of $25 or more will receive a copy of a beautiful book of photgraphy of the people and places around China. Contributors of $50 or more will also receive a copy of the final DVD of the film, and digital viewing rights. Contributors of $100 or more will be given VIP seats at the Honolulu premiere of the film.

See Excerpts from the Book, "In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai"

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The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute is a non-profit organization based in Honolulu and Beijing. Our mission is to help build the foundation of peace between China, America and all nations through events, exchanges, study, exhibitions, publications and media dedicated to people's diplomacy. We highlight the contribution of former Premier Zhou Enlai, as a great peacemaker from China.

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