Food Waste Recycling through Composting and Animal Feed

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Food Waste Recycling through Composting and Animal Feed

From Hidayet Kayitmaz

Food waste is a serious problem that deserves serious attention.

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The money collected will be used for animal feed and compost.

Benefits of Composting Food Waste

Reduces waste

Reduces pressure on landfills

Makes compost available for the next farming seasons

Saves money on purchasing soil

Adds nutrients to the soil

Promotes better health for the community 

Food Recycling Through Composting

Composting is the process of decomposing organic material, where soil organisms recycle nitrogen, potash, phosphorus and other soil nutrients, and turning them into humus. Composting is a cheap and effortless method of getting rid of food waste and making it useful for other purposes. 

How to recycle food waste into animal feed?

Feeding the animals directly is a simple and easy method. People can donate their kitchen and plate leftover to farmers, who will, in turn, use it to feed the animals. Those who keep animals can use part of the food to feed them. Swine do well in this, as they are omnivorous animals who would eat anything.

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