Food and Meal Prepping Project to Be Organized By Smith

Food and Meal Prepping Project to Be Organized By Smith

From Latonia Smith

Don't just stop at going to church make sure you make it to the rally pack them in go for the recordThe ones out on the streets protesting BLM are risking their life for the abolition of systemic oppression. Gavin Mayfie

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Sherry Smith most people getting the extra 600 a week don’t even make half of that a week, crazy system they set up. Maybe these people need to live off what we get and see how much they put back into the economySherry Smith the $600 extra money for the unemployment benefits. Cant spend money if we dont have any, even the extra 600 a week unemployment only pays the Bill's for the month, it doesnt give us any extra to go out and spend.

Not everyone is healthy enough to risk getting a virus that can be deadly. Seems very selfish to meJonathan Rounds it was not your life go get sick Doctors are free not to put their lives on the life to treat you selfishJonathan Rounds if we all take precautions we Can All go out. Jonathan Rounds you can still get it again and a different strain if you actually educate yourself.

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