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My name is Tom. I’m a 21 year old living in Montana, and I am currently living with my parents. The reason I am coming to ‘Begging for Money’ isn’t because I’m lazy and hoping someone will throw money under me as a safety net. I came here because I have been trying to move to a town two hours away from where I currently live (and another reason that I will reiterate later on). It’s a beautiful, hip and lively college town where my best friend is living. I’ve wanted to move there since I graduated from High School in 2016. 

It seems like no matter how much I work my ass off (whether it be two or three jobs), things keep getting thrown in front of me and delaying me (I also have a phone bill and car insurance to pay on top of everything). I have a Honda Accord from 2003, and as many can suspect there may be a few issues with an older car. It seems like 2019 is the year of car troubles for me. I had to replace both my front tires entirely at the beginning of the year, and I understand that’s not the worst issue to have. I also, however, had to replace my spark plugs a few months after my tires. This is a bit of a bigger issue. And of course, with my luck, a deer ran into my car while I was going 75mph the week after I got my spark plugs changed. This repair took $423 out of my bank account because I don’t have liability on my car insurance. Which took a huge toll on my moving plans and therefore my mental health. I was so close to moving I could taste it, but I had to pay for my car. Then, to add to that, my roommate told me she didn’t want to move less then a month before we were planning on moving. We had looked at apartments for months. We even went to a few stores and looked at decorations and other “new apartment” items. In the past I had another friend lined up as a roommate, but she canceled as well. 

The second reason I’m coming to this website for help is because my step-dad got laid off from a really great paying job. I’d really like to get out of my parents' hair to give them one less thing to worry about. They are both super stressed about my dad being laid off. My mom has a job, but we’re in a small city and she cleans for people. As you could imagine you don’t make too much money from cleaning in a small town and that’s all of their income right now. I have a younger brother who lives with us too and I can only imagine how he’s feeling. It’s scary when your parents, the hardest working role models in your life, are squirming and struggling to stay above water. I’d love to be able to help them and move out at the same time.

I’d like to give a future thank you to everyone who donates right now. Every single penny helps, and I couldn’t be more genuinely grateful to anyone who helps me and my family. If you want to know more information about me, please feel free to email me at the link below. Just know I try to be as genuine and real as possible in every situation. I hope you have a great day. Below are my links and some images of me & my bills I’ve paid and have to pay monthly

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