Flash Love ❤️ | Restoring & Protecting America’s Youth

Flash Love ❤️ | Restoring & Protecting America’s Youth

From Flash Love

Flash Love is raising money to help build programs where our youth can feel loved, find purpose, and also be paid to learn real business skills that prepare them for the future

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The failure to uplift our youth is the same as consenting to the fall of our country. 

Flash Love started 6 years ago with the purpose of putting youth on a mission. 

We could see the pain rising as destruction and chaos were breaking out across the country. Senseless violence was occurring at the hands of our youth. While the country turned their backs on a clear cry for help, condemning the youth to a general and awful label, we asked a different question.

"What would our world look like if instead of condemning their bad behavior, we poured love into them and set their hearts on a mission much greater than themselves?"

 We live in a country where the 3rd leading cause of death for children between 10-14 is suicide.  We live in a world where passing a test is more important than learning to provide for your family. Thus leaving 32 percent of American families struggling and too desperate to provide more than basic needs to their children. While many saw a crisis, we saw an opportunity for change. And Flash Love began.We started small by helping single mothers who had been evicted by moving their things. We began cleaning up yards of the elderly, chopping firewood, and helping our community in any way we could.

However, after a while, we were inundated with message after message from the single mothers in our community asking for help in raising their boys into men. It was a call we chose to answer and that is how our Bratiya program began. Bratiya stands for Brothers. Our mission was to find the best-hearted men we could to pour into these little boys and mentor them. 

After a few successful rounds, many of these young boys became young men who had outgrown the age range for our program but wanted more. They were hungry to keep helping the community. This time, we expanded into High School Revolution where guys and girls from high schools could participate in city-wide cleanup events and compete for prizes. From delivering Christmas trees to families who couldn't afford it, to cleaning up the city and feeding the homeless, our youth and volunteers poured their hearts into our community.

Now, we're expanding again. Every step of the way our community has supported our expansions through financial efforts or spending their valuable time serving with us.This expansion is less about adding a new program but instead about curating a new way of life for our youth. Imagine a place where we place God at the center of our lives, we teach our youth to do the same and from there, we build them into leaders. We create jobs for them to begin to build skills, we work with young entrepreneurs by building connections to our business owners. We have fitness programs where we tackle obesity and mediocrity and instead, create champions.  Imagine a program where youth are trusted to manage teams and in being trusted, they step up to the plate because they finally feel seen. Imagine youth going into communities and helping the less fortunate by taking care of their yards, building relationships, and loving on the people who rarely see love.

Imagine being able to know that your donation isn't a bandaid fix to a bullet wound, but instead the surgery that saves lives. Imagine knowing that your donation doesn't just help us today, but helps the generations 50 years from now who could have been part of the criminal system, but instead joined us and overcame every negative expectation and now has a success story.

It costs $148,767 per year to keep ONE child in Juvenile Detention and you're "donating" to that cause with your taxes. 

With that same amount per year, we could take 6 youth and push them to greatness.

What side of history will you be on?

Thank you so much for all of your support. We are grateful beyond belief. 

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