Flamenco Guitar for Rosita

Flamenco Guitar for Rosita

From Rosita Gatita

My flamenco guitar was ruined at sea several years ago. I’m asking my nearest and dearest for Xmas and birthday contributions so I can purchase an upgrade. Many blessings!

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As many of you know I have been living abroad on a shoestring budget the last 5+ years working and playing on boats as crew, resident musician and stewardess.  

My guitar was one of my greatest travel allies and therapeutic companions. It has been an invaluable resource to me.  I have deeply enjoyed creating and sharing musical reflections along the way and am looking forward to recording and releasing music to go along with the travel memoirs I am writing.  I also have found being at sea is where I am most inspired and creative.  I’m overjoyed to have found my element. 

These last few years I have connected deeply with my flamenco guitar and many of the songs I have crafted, have been adapted to that guitar style.  Unfortunately last year my previous flamenco guitar, a beautiful Cordoba I purchased in Manhattan was left out in the rain and ruined on a yacht job by some drunken rebel rouser.  We had a good run of 8 plus years and the lesson was learned. 

I have been barely getting by playing other people guitars but have a whole plethora of ocean inspired tunes that I want to start sharing with the world and am wanting to get back on track with my guitar practice by investing in a upscale flamenco guitar.

I also am intending to go study flamenco dance, singing,  guitar and cajon in Andalusia, Spain in the next few years and am committed to starting to study more technical aspects of flamenco guitar.  I feel very inspired by flamenco traditions that are utilizing music and dance to express and transmute some of the intense emotional experiences we all go through in this journey called life.  I see being able to alchemize suffering into art as an intrinsic aspect of being alive.  

 I would love to eventually have an act where I can loop flamenco guitar, rhythm and solos, singing, dance, cajon and electronic beats all together in a unique performance ritual.  #goals 

Anyhow I know times are tough and everyone is seeing many urgent fundraisers all around.  So this is mostly for my nearest and dearest and more Christmas present and my 1/08 birthday oriented.  Infinite gratitude for reading this and for any support you have to offer whether it’s a cash donation or a good thought sent my way.  Happy holidays and many blessings to you.  Either way my musical offerings are coming for you.  

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