Five Essential Online Tools for Startup

Five Essential Online Tools for Startup

From Lila Du Plesis

Startups are not accessible. They require a lot of work to grow them. The goal of a small startup is often to keep its costs low to survive. For growth and increased productivity, making the suitable investment into the

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Startups are not accessible. They require a lot of work to grow them. The goal of a small startup is often to keep its costs low to survive. For growth and increased productivity, making the suitable investment into the right Online tools for Startups is often more cost-efficient than purchasing the tools. 

You can find many tools on the market offering free plans and affordable prices suitable for small businesses. Throughout this article, we'll discuss Five Essential Online Tools for Startup across several categories: 

1.     Designing Tools

2.     Website Builder Tool 

3.     Project management Tool

4.     Email Marketing Tool

5.     CRM tool


1.     Designing Tools

As a graphic designer or web designer, you're likely to use numerous tools regularly. There are virtually countless designing tools available on the market today; choosing the right set is easier said than done.


It is a great tool that lets you design graphics in all kinds of styles for various purposes, including social media posts and reports. Furthermore, its collaborative capabilities allow you to work on projects in real-time. 

This online tool would be great for the startup with a limited budget to give you all sorts of help, from creating a social media cover and a post to inviting events.

You can quickly load your images into the templates, or you can purchase their graphics for just $1.

Canva Pro is essentially free Canva, but it's a million times better because it streamlines your brand kit so that your colors and fonts are consistent across all mediums, allowing you to share photos and resize designs online.

Pricing: You can subscribe to Canva Pro with a monthly fee of USD12.95 or a yearly fee of USD9.95. When you purchase credit for many images in advance, the price per image will be lower (1 USD or 10% off).

2. Website Builder Tool 


A practical and attractive website is essential for any business to succeed online. With a website builder tool, you can build a website around your needs for an affordable price and with a wide range of options available.

For startups, WordPress is the best solution to have an online presence. The free services offered by WordPress are a great asset to startups with limited funds. WordPress is an excellent choice for developing your site, and it does not require you to hire a Web developer to do so. It is even possible to use WordPress as a mobile-ready platform for some websites, which will make your site more appealing to mobile users. 

There are no better tools for blogging than WordPress. Need to sell products? Thanks to the thousands of plugins available, WordPress can serve as an eCommerce solution. Your website can scale with your business as it grows.

3. Project management Tool

Keeping track of various projects and goals is a challenge for a new business, especially one with a remote team or one requiring collaboration among multiple groups. Project management tools like Trello or Wrike come in handy. Cloud-based tools let you know precisely where projects are in their life cycles, allowing everyone to track their progress.


A business's organization is essential. Trello is the solution to manage all your projects with tools like Slack and G Suite to keep your teams and documents organized.

Trello is a visual, flexible, and affordable method for running all your projects smoothly. Small business expert Michael Kurko on The Balance and other entrepreneurs highly recommend it.

Users can add custom details, images, links, checklists, links, and more to the Kanban-style boards in Trello to track progress and workflows. 

To succeed in a small business, you will have to build a strong network, use social media effectively, and communicate with your team. You will be able to get the most out of your entrepreneurship journey by investing in the right tools from the beginning.

Pricing: Freemium plans start at $9.99 per month per user

4. Email marketing Tool

Email newsletters are among the most powerful tools in the world of digital marketing. Your newsletters are efficiently design, sent, and reviewed with a platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Analyze which recipients opened your emails, what links they clicked on, and who might be most interested in further communication.


One of your business's most important marketing assets is an internal email list. It is an excellent way to stay in contact with customers who are interested in your industry. Even though third parties such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon may change the rules, you still get to reach your list.

A good time is always right to start building your list for your business.

MailChimp is ideal for businesses just establishing a list or those that send up to 12,000 emails a month to less than 2,000 subscribers. MailChimp's Forever Free plan is within your account if your needs are beyond what MailChimp offers.

Be aware that you'll have to provide most of your support. MailChimp provides a comprehensive Knowledge Base to assist users but only supports paid accounts.

Due to its free account option, MailChimp stands out from the competition, and its user-friendly interface makes email marketing easy even for non-technical users. A MailChimp customer also spoke with an expert about email marketing for small businesses. 

5. CRM tool

By utilizing CRM tools, you can keep all of your lead and client information organized so that you can track all interactions and communication. Traditionally, businesses use spreadsheets to track this information, but CRM solutions are better for the job. CRM programs provide you with a detailed record of clients and leads. 


Your startup's growth and success are dependent on having Online Tools for StartUp in place. Nowadays, we live in a digital world. To remain competitive, ensure you have your strategy if you plan on using Online Tools for StartUp.


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