Fire consumed belongings family needing a hand

Fire consumed belongings family needing a hand

From Lacie Robinson

I am raising money to help rebuild a solid foundation for a hopeful future that was abruptly stopped due to a tragic fire due to a space heater that consumed our material possessions and shelter I was invested in everyda

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I am reaching out with my story, hoping that someone, everyone, or simply anyone will b touched with story and will lend a ear a shoulder if it only touches someone as a reminder when trying to stay warm during the cold winter months.. Saturday January 5, 2024, I was awoken, by the grace of GOD, with the most rancid distinct smell ,I would unknowingly never be able to undo again in my life. I awoke the cold rainy morning my room was full of smoke from my space heater that was tipped over. Even with the auto switch to shut it off when unbalanced unfortunately wasn't enough for this given situation. 6:30 am I jump up in a panic Franticly trying to decide how to contain the fire, seems as if i took too long to decide, the fire spread rapidly. After many attempts to put out the fire and stumbling in in panic I gathered myself enough to realize the only option was to save myself. HALf of the home was already consumed in fire, therfore all I could do was grab my room mates phone on the way out the door and call 911. Realizing the dogs didn't follow me out I went back in grabbed my dog from under the bed and my room mates dog from under the coffee table and got back out. I suffered no physical injuries. However the emotional trauma, was detrimental, I will never be the same! 

I was forced to run out with the clothes on my back and the soaking etc socks now on my feet.. everything was ruined,, listening to the fire fighters I herd on say "yeah, they usually don't wake up" there are no words to describe the feeling. Whatever reason it is I'm ready to take it and move forward unfortunately I know as bad as it is I cannot do it alone, as strong as I have been thru life I'm at a weak point and I am Goin to require assistance to move forward.. the being emotional physical financial. My plans are to rebuild and keep my same goal of saving for me and my children to have another place to call home.

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