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I often get requests to help people. I like to do that. For example, I recently received a sad letter in which someone was busy building his own house, but everything that could go wrong also went wrong. Result: an almost finished house, but left alone with 3 small children. I thought what can I do? I wanted to set up this fund me action, so that the house can be finished and people can get on with their lives. 10,000 is a lot of money, but can be raised together. I am happy and have a nice photo archive of all my work from the past 25 years. I've photographed everything and everyone who is famous and always had luck and success. Time to use this and give something back to people who are less fortunate. Everyone who donates 20.00 will receive a photo from my collection (if available) digitally sent. Anyone who sends more than 100.00 I will have a photo printed on an aluminum plate and send it. The money that is collected will be donated 1 to 1 and the result will eventually be shown here. I will not distribute the money to myself, but have it paid out under the watchful eye of this organization. I hope everyone can miss something, despite this Corona time. Thanks in advance!.

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