Finding Forever Homes: Support Our Stray Animal Rescue

Finding Forever Homes: Support Our Stray Animal Rescue

From Ramsha Imran

Support Animal Rescue in Pakistan: Transform lives of abused animals. End cruelty and neglect. Donate to provide rescue, medical care, and rehabilitation. Be their voice. Unleash compassion and make a difference. Help us

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This Campaign has been made to support Animal Rescue in Pakistan

In the heart of Pakistan, countless animals suffer daily from unthinkable abuse and neglect. More than 50,000 dogs perish on the streets of Pakistan every year, as the government orders their systematic poisoning and shooting. This cruel and inhumane practice has become alarmingly normalised, with citizens even taking part in the killings. Acid attacks, mutilations, and starvation are just a few of the horrors these innocent creatures face.  It is an urgent and heartbreaking problem that demands our attention and compassion.

We are on a mission to bring about transformative change for these vulnerable animals. It is time to acknowledge that these animals deserve compassion, respect, and protection.  With our tireless dedication and unwavering commitment, we provide a lifeline to those in need. Our Organization rescues, shelters, and rehabilitates animals, offering them a second chance at life and a safe haven where they can heal and recover.

Despite our efforts, We face immense challenges in our quest to protect and save animals. The absence of animal rights laws in Pakistan compounds the issue, leaving countless animals without legal protection and vulnerable to ongoing abuse. With limited resources and a small team, we strive to fill the void and create a lasting impact. But we need your support to overcome these barriers and bring about comprehensive change.

s a supporter of Animal rights & protection, you can become a true hero in the lives of these abused animals. Your donation will directly contribute to their rescue efforts, medical care, and rehabilitation. By joining forces with us, you can provide a lifeline for those who have suffered unimaginable pain and give them a chance to experience love, compassion, and a brighter future.

When you donate to us, you become an integral part of the solution. Your support will directly fund the rescue operations, medical relief camps, and veterinary care for these animals in need. You will witness firsthand the impact of your generosity as we share stories of rescued animals finding joy, healing, and a new lease on life. Additionally, you will receive updates on the progress made, allowing you to see the tangible difference you have made in the lives of these innocent creatures.

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