Finding a Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer for Private Label

Finding a Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer for Private Label

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Finding a low MOQ clothing manufacturer isn’t that tough. In fact, you can brainstorm a bit and easily find the best one for your private label business. Even if you don’t know what to do, there is nothing to worry about because you have come to the right place. 

I have discussed the importance of low MOQ apparel manufacturers and the ways to find the best ones in this article. 

Benefits of Low MOQ Clothing

Many entrepreneurs are emerging every day in the fashion industry to launch their own brands and leave a mark on the market, which is a very admirable approach. Many look for manufacturing companies that offer low MOQs to get started with a minimum number of products. This is an easy way to test your business model and the popularity of the products you are selling on the market. 

You get to know if your niche should grow or not. If not, choosing a small amount of products to start a clothing line will help you stay under budget and yet run the business effectively. 

You will be risk-free since small quantities are not expensive, and if your experiment fails, you won’t be losing much. In fact, you will have a valuable lesson and future training regarding which products are worth dealing with. 

You can have a variety of products instead of dealing with one. This means that you can choose various niches and get the MOQ of each to satisfy your customers and business. 

Considering all the benefits, opting for low minimum order quantity clothing for private label brands is the best thing a business can do to initiate not just one but multiple clothing lines. These advantages are just a fraction of what an apparel line can do by partnering with a reliable, low-MOQ supplier.

How to Find a Low-MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

Internet Search

Today, we have the internet, which can give us information about almost everything we can think of. You can use the power of the internet to find manufacturing firms that offer low MOQs. 

You can utilize the Google search engine and type the relevant keywords, like “low MOQ manufacturers” or “small-batch clothing manufacturers." This way, the search engine will give you results with which you will be able to choose and decide better. 

Social media platforms

Social media is a very interesting place, as it is not just connecting people to chit chat but also helping them in business relations. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms have become a zone of entrepreneurship. 

If you understand how businesses work on social media, you can not only find the right manufacturers but also run your business very effectively. 

Online directories

Online directories serve the purpose of connecting brands with clothing suppliers. Using the directories will allow you to look at customer reviews, previous workings, projects, and many other things about your potential manufacturing partner. 

Industry events and trade shows

Industry trade shows and events to connect manufacturing companies and brands to showcase textile manufacturing. You can meet manufacturers in person at these events and discuss your business needs with them. 

Online Forums

Online forums are also a convenient way to find the clothing manufacturers you want. These forums allow people to ask questions and get answers to their queries. 

You can simply ask which clothing suppliers you are looking for or look for the answers that people have already gathered about similar queries. 

Local Manufacturing Associations

Find and try to reach out to the local manufacturing associations nearby. They usually have knowledge of clothing manufacturers in the form of directories. 

You can easily find low-MOQ clothing manufacturers and other suppliers affiliated with their organizations. 


Last but not least, ask around about the clothing manufacturers. Referrals mean getting information from people with experience with the manufacturers. So, maybe one of your friends, cousins, neighbors, or any particular entity might know something useful. 

 Source Agents

You can hire source agents who will do the work for you. This entity will take responsibility for finding the perfect low-MOQ clothing manufacturer for you.

 Fashion Schools

Fashion schools are always in touch with clothing suppliers, as they also need garments for events, gatherings, and much more. You can ask for their assistance in helping you find the perfect manufacturing company. Moreover, these schools can recommend what to look for. 

 Inquire from brands

Ask the known brands to share the contact information of the manufacturing companies they have worked with. The brands would always know better since they work closely with multiple suppliers.

Also, they have prior knowledge of which manufacturing company is trustworthy and which one is not. So, their experience can be your guidance toward a better future.

Brands will also keep you away from scammers, incompetent suppliers, and unprofessional entities.


The market is filled with brands and manufacturers that are working together in the textile industry. You can be one of them by finding the best low-MOQ clothing manufacturer and running your business as per your wishes.

These few ways I mentioned above can help you approach the best manufacturers with great working potential. Follow the instructions, and you will find what you are looking for.

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