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Full Draw Initiative not only focus's on the body, but the MIND as well. Battling anxiety, panic and depression is hard to do alone - So we are raising money in hopes of finding a home in order to fight side-by-side!

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My Battle Within.. 

For over twenty years, 

I have fought with depression, anxiety and recently suffered a panic attack that brought me to the deepest pit of fear imaginable. A fear that I never knew could happen to powerful warrior spirit. My life has been revolved around physical fitness; sports, fighting, hunting, hard labor and more.. I've always understood what it takes to push myself harder that any opponent no matter the situation. I've held hands with death many times but fought even more battles to become someone great - though I never understood what it was to find peace in doing so. Not referring to the "sitting in grandmas rocking chair shucking corn" type of peace, but a peace at heart, mind and soul. The peace of knowing that tomorrow has nothing to throw at you in which you cannot handle. The peace of knowing that yesterday was yesterday - leaving the past where it belongs. The peace of knowing that an enemy will always be weaker in the fight, regardless of their perceived strengths and talents. A peace that nothing this world can provide you with, but one man left for dead on a cross can. 

I thought that I knew Christ, but only knew of Him. Once I began training my mind and spirit as hard as my body, I found that peace, confidence and courage that no depression, anxiety, panic or enemy could overtake. I want that for every single person that I come into contact with. I know where to point you to. I know how to build your confidence mentally, physically and emotionally - during, after and away from training. 

Here at Full Draw, we love keeping up with our clients online, but we are tired of social distancing during the battles of this world. We do not fear set-backs, because we trust in God to open the right doors for our business moving forward. If it is on your heart to donate to our page for: equipment purchases, building locations, shipment costs, etc. Understand that we would be more than appreciative. We want to help you fight against what you can and cannot see! 

God Bless and remember to DRAW BACK and SEND IT! 

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