Fight injustice in Austin

Fight injustice in Austin

From Docc Holiday

support for civil rights case's , bodily injury suit, and wrongful incarceration. The reality is getting justice without money is near impossible Your help will make it possible for me to fight and win my case's

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I need this money to survive while I fight to get these suits and charges filed. Cases like these don't get lawyers jumping at you. I had to put in all this work myself in jail and out of jail. The amount of time it takes to research on case law, file reports , write motions , and pay for documents. It's a full time job till I get enough coverage a lawyer will come an want the case. Till then it's a full time thing, my rents 1800 and could go up, the cost of the court is huge I'll post invoices ext on my Facebook page and Twitter, not to mention getting my business back and everything else you need to not just survive but to stand in a case like this. I've been using a phone with a busted screen and no camera to get what I have now. So some equipment would be awesome. please help me get the chance to get justice and survive being framed, robbed, shot, and the challenges of proving it while keeping the lights on. also supreme Court cases only give relief for 1$ it's worth it for to help generations to come, the FTCA claim is max 750,000. Claim with the state of texas is 8.3M max. These claims will take years to complete

The links to my injustice story are below:

All civil court documents can be seen on PACER. The account is not free; case # 21-cv-00897 Western district of Texas Austin division is the court you would select:

Open records from the state of Texas are available by request; they are not free:

Let's start from the top

The news releases from my arrest, its bad really bad:

Then the follow up news story 17 months later:

(Even though I bet the arresting charges, I plead guilty a class A misdemeanor for criminal mischief for tossing Keri's apartment after she robbed me it violated my probation in DFW. they give me 2yrs for it with all my back time I discharged and was released from Dallas county August 15th 2022) 

I get back to the world with my credit ruined by identity theft and nothing but the clothes on my back and a few months to take the civil action for my bodily injury, wrongful arrest, and defamation due to wrongdoing and negligence acts on be half of the Austin fire department arson investigators and the lone star fugitive taskforce. As well I'm pushing for judicial action against Keri Johnson , AFD arson investigators, and lone star fugitive taskforce members. And here's the document trail

 My Twitter page has posts covering the overall points of my 21 months lock up from evidence in my defense, the civil suit I filed to get the identity of the shooter, to post incarceration getting body cam and filing charges:

 Instagram has the body came from 2 APD officers with post trail facts presented in my defense and observation made that further adds legitimacy to my claims:

 federal law enforcement agency is nearly impossible they have ultimate immunity on individual suit, except for three narrow exceptions in a bivens action. The other option is an ftca claim that allows you to sue the United States government itself and it waves its sovereign right in order to be able to give you damages for compensatorial only punitive damages are not available in an ftca claiming capped by the state in which you live Texas at 750,000 for death and bodily injury that's broken into two parts 500,000 for the bodily injury or death and $250,00 for each individual. At this time I only have one name woodson blase and so the most I can get from a FTCA claim would be $750,000 for a lifelong disfigurement in my leg and all the suffering I endured for nothing.

As well my suit for false affidavit on the arson investigators and the department in whole for there associated negligence that lead to my arrest, my injury , and slander defamation . A win here could result in a over turn of my plea if honorable udge Tamara Needles is Willing to do. Under the circumstances it is both lawful and understandable. I have high hopes that the over turn on finding of false affidavit will happen.

I will keep updates going on my Facebook page:

Below are messages from her on Facebook, doc is a registered alias, my PI in the case had one witness that confessed to making the devices for her that she paid him to make them and I had a alibi witness for my whereabouts

CIVIL LIABILITY FOR FALSE AFFIDAVITS: The PC arrest warrant affidavit contained lies nothing that allowed for the PC in the warrant was true as the admission from Keri herself states above

it also clears me of the shooting allegation because if I was getting drugged and robbed then I definitely didn't have time to shot anybody, because she said she had my guns anyway. A arson did happen Keri Johnson did it herself and the arson team reckless disregard for the truth, made false statements or omissions that create falsehood in applying for a warrant.

Keri had a long criminal record, has been medically diagnosed as multiple personalities disorder. She was living in an apartment under Keri hardens name with hardens information and fake id she did not own the Tahoe that burned down. So how was she even contacted about the arson? she even tried to claim the crime stoppers reward on me as the victim ( that's not how that work)

ultimately I had no phone to threaten her on, no guns ,no car ,no money, no cloths , absolutely nothing. There was bomb in the oven everyone seen that picture and obviously I know how to work a oven so that was a red flag there. There wasn't anything to base her statement on. So I have them to deal with as well

I need all the help I can get and I've contacted everyone I contact. I need the help of the American people I'm broke and I don't have the means to keep up with my cases and keep a roof over my head , I don't even have enough for the roof at the moment and I'm just out of options. I won't make it without support financially from my fellow Americans. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support - Doc

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