Fight for Peace

Fight for Peace

From Suki Zhang

I'm raising money for making an art installation to stop the Syria war. Donations will go towards to make an art installations and exhibition in public venues. Support my campaign to follow my progress and sharing.

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Suki Zhang is a Toronto-based artist, who started her career path since 2014. Her art works mainly focus on the relationship between human and the universe, and provoke discussions about the roles each individual can play in the world.

Recently, she started working on a new art project: Rainbow. 

The project was inspired by the impact of the Syrian Civil War. After hearing stories first-hand of people losing their home, families being torn apart, and children being deprived of the opportunity to safety and proper education and having to worry about their lives instead, she saw the importance of bringing love and peace back into the society and decided to speak out. 

In Suki’s opinion, war, either by its literal or metaphorical definition, is a kind of waste caused by human’s greed, selfishness and lack of responsibility. Instead of fighting against the enemies around us, by delivering this project, Suki hopes to encourage every person to share their love and cherish the world that they’re all living in.

The project will have contributors from all around the world. Participants are to have their handprint printed on a piece of blank canvas with one colour of their choice from the rainbow, which will resemble their input and effort to leading a happy and peaceful life. Each participant will receive an email with quotes and tips to happiness as a small gift to brighten up the day. Their handprints, once gathered, will be assembled into an arch like an actual rainbow, and sealed with transparent acrylic. The final piece will be exhibited globally.

The idea of a rainbow showing up after storms suggests hope. As children are often referred to as a nation’s hope and future, the project draws connection between the subject and the kids suffered during the war; while the seven colours of the rainbow represent tolerance to diversity and embracement of cultural compatibility. Through the Rainbow project, Suki carries her best wishes to the world and mankind, and celebrates the co-existence of people from all cultural backgrounds.

The final work will consist of a set of rainbows of various sizes. The largest piece will be 20m(w) x 10m(h). 

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