FemTech Focus - Dr. Julie & Dr.Britt Champion Women's Health

FemTech Focus - Dr. Julie & Dr.Britt Champion Women's Health

From Dr. Brittany Barreto & Dr. Julie Hakim

FemTech Focus is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded to empower, equip, and bring together healthcare professionals, life-science entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking investors to revolutionize womxn’s health and w...

Dr. Brittany Barreto & Dr. Julie Hakim

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FemTech Focus is determined to shift femtech from being perceived as a niche industry to one that is a priority with a surplus of investment and growth. We envision a world where research, medicine, and innovation prioritize women-centered design. Everyone's health improves when we believe women when they report pain, women of color are as healthy as caucasian women, and healthcare is accessible to all women around the world.


We are motivated by the long history and current state of gender bias in research, innovation, and healthcare. Women were not included in US clinical trials until 1993. The anatomy of the clitoris was not discovered until 1998. Only 4% of all healthcare research dollars are dedicated to women’s health. Many diseases, such as endometriosis, were classified as hysteria up until recently. In 2019, less than 1% of venture capital was invested in women’s health companies. The US maternal-mortality rate is higher than any developed country with Black women being 3-4X more likely to die than white women. The accounts of gender bias are far-reaching and have life and death consequences. We are motivated to make women-centered design a priority instead of an afterthought.


PODCAST  Femtech Focus podcast with host Dr. Brittany Barreto is the #1 women’s health show globally with thousands of subscribers on 6 continents (waiting on you, Antarctica!). The show includes meaningful and provocative conversations with femtech experts. These academics, doctors, and innovators tell us about the past, present, and future of women’s health and wellness. 

VIRTUAL NETWORK The femtech community needed a place to connect, collaborate, and network. FemTech Focus has a virtual community where founders, mentors, investors, executives, students, and healthcare professionals can interact. Join the community and introduce yourself to build your femtech network.

DATABASE & PUBLICATIONS FemTech Focus has its finger on the pulse of the femtech industry. As thought leaders, we want to share our findings with the community. We continuously publish infographics and white papers to keep the world informed on our findings. Moreover, we have the most comprehensive femtech startup database. 

ANNUAL SUMMIT There’s nothing like bringing the global community together for several days of content, keynotes, and networking. The FemTech Focus Summit has several tracks that allow attendees to participate in seminars that are pertinent to them including founders, investors, healthcare professionals, and youth in STEM. We will also matchmake attendees for networking so attendees can grow their network strategically. 


We are a diverse team of 2 full-time and 8 part-time employees. Our offerings to the women's health and wellness community will result in new innovations, awareness, and motivation for women's health equality. We know that our efforts will eventually result in saving women's lives. We also know that by improving women's health, we improve everyone's health. 

We operate from fundraised donations and grants. We require $350K per year to carry out our mission. Your donation will contribute directly to our vision and save women, females, and girls' lives. This giving season we are raising $75K. 

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