Felisha is a FIGHTER

Felisha is a FIGHTER

From Sarah Fournier

Please help us raise money for Felisha and her family as they prepare for a hardship. Felisha and Scott have 3 children to support, a business to keep running, and many expenses to come. See her story below.

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As some of you may know, Felisha's mom passed away at just 29 years old due to Breast Cancer.  Because of this tragedy, Felisha has been taken her health seriously as an adult and feels she has been doing everything she can to stay on top of any signs of cancer in her body. However, with little to no explanation of the cause, a tumor began growing in Felisha's mouth. She contacted her doctor right away, but was told it did not look concerning and "it would heal itself".  Trusting her doctor, she did nothing. The tumor began to grow rapidly and Felisha insisted this was a concern. After jumping through hoops to be seen and heard, after about 2 months (and the tumor tripling in size) she finally got a biopsy and found out she has stage 3 Oral Cancer. Felisha and her family are in a state of shock.  

This all happened so fast, and she will need to undergo extensive surgery immediately to have 5 tumors removed. She will then be in ICU for at least 2 weeks.  The cancer has also spread to her lymph nodes, so those will be removed and there is a possibility of radiation if needed, but so far she has been told the cancer has not spread past her neck. She will be on a long road of physical therapy post surgery as well involving her whole left arm (affected by nerves in her neck during surgery), speaking, swallowing, eating, etc.  There are so many unknowns, but what we DO know is that help is needed from her friends and loved ones! Felisha and Scott not only have 3 children and a household to support, but a busy business to run as well.  Felisha will obviously be out of work indefinitely and Scott will be by her side as often as possible.  There will be many expenses and challenges during this hardship, so any donation at all is so greatly appreciated to help keep their family and business afloat.  Let's rally together to take some stress and burdens off their plate!  Felisha is a FIGHTER and this will just be one more thing she OVERCOMES like the rockstar Mama she is!!! 

THANK YOU for your support, it means the world to the Brando Fam!

**Surgery is scheduled for April 11th. PLEASE keep Felisha in your prayers!**


Wow. Just WOW. We really all came together and raised TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!  Felisha's surgery went great!!! But recovery was extremely rough, with a few good days! However, before we knew it, Felisha decided she was DONE feeling like crap and chose to KICK this cancer's A$$!  She went home on 4/22 and has been slowly getting back to some normalcy.  Of course, some days are okay, and some are not at all. She still is on an extremely long road as she has a new set of hurdles ahead undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. She will have 38 rounds of treatment starting 6/15.  She is extremely overwhelmed, nervous, and overall just exhausted...  But more than that--- SHE IS STRONG. She is fighting everyday to get back to living her best life!! On top of her personal health battle, Work is piling on Scott, while he is also multitasking being Felisha's round the clock caregiver.  There are still so many expenses on this journey that are weighing them down from different angles & I want to make sure this burden continues to feel less heavy with the continued support of all their loved ones!  They have had SO many people reach out to ask if we  would re-open this campaign so they can continue to help, and it means the WORLD to us....So I decided to yet again, double our goal! 

YOU ALL ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!  I can never say THANK YOU enough!! 



The cancer has decided to make a comeback in as little as 2 months. This Saturday 6/11 will be 2 months since her 15+ hour surgery and there is already a new tumor the size of a lemon with a couple of other little tumors as well.   The Oncologist did a THOROUGH NECK DISSECTION. Meaning he removed EVERYTHING, there was NOTHING left in her neck because they knew how aggressively the tumors were trying to take over. Also post surgery,  the pathology report came back and confirmed the cancer tried to attack 5 out of 5 main organs putting Felisha now at a Stage 4 Cancer.

As Felisha said herself  "If there is anyone that can beat this and get through it is me! That I promise myself, my family and all of you!"

PLEASE continue to pray for Felisha!   

I will add updates again!!

P.S. For anyone & everyone in NH/MA who sees this beautiful girl, please give her ALL the hugs for me!!!! XOXO

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