Will Schenk (MFC Fathers and Families' Emergency Rainy Day Fundraiser)

Will Schenk (MFC Fathers and Families' Emergency Rainy Day Fundraiser)

From Will Schenk (MFC Fathers and Families' Emergency Rainy Day Fundraiser)

Please join me in this campaign to raise funds for emergency rainy day plans of fathers and families that we serve!

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Less than a year ago, my father was healthy, active and enjoying semi-retirement - long walks with the dog and time with family were daily highlights of his life. That all changed when my mother arrived home one evening to find him unconscious, the product of an aneurysm that left him in a coma for over a week. In this instance, my family was incredibly lucky - an excess of saved vacation time, quality health insurance, and my dad's miraculous recovery to full health made this a story with a positive resolution. At so many places along the way, though, it could have gone differently - had his insurance not covered all the charges, my parents could have been left with hundreds of thousands in medical debt, or worse, I might not have a father today. 


Not everyone is so fortunate: fathers who work with Midlands Fatherhood Coalition face challenges like this - whether medical emergencies, car trouble, or childcare needs -  frequently, and many lack the resources of time or money to respond to an emergency without risking their jobs or financial standing. The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is here to help those fathers get back on their feet and continue to grow as parents and people every day. Please consider giving whatever you can to help make a difference at a time of acute need in these fathers' lives.

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Family emergencies can be unexpected. Whether it's medical expenses or home repairs, it's great to have a rainy day fund to be ready for what may happen out of the blue. Our team is looking to raise $10,000 for our fathers and families that are in need of some peace of mind through this financial safety net! 

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