Eleanor Boyd (MFC Fathers and Families' Emergency Rainy Day Fundraiser)

Eleanor Boyd (MFC Fathers and Families' Emergency Rainy Day Fundraiser)

From Eleanor Boyd (MFC Fathers and Families' Emergency Rainy Day Fundraiser)

Please join me in this campaign to raise funds for emergency rainy day plans of fathers and families that we serve!

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Almost everyone can relate to having a tight month and then experiencing a surprise expense; sometimes it is a car repair, an unusually high electric bill, an AC that goes out or your child needs some props and a costume for the school play. Even if you plan and save, sometimes things happen. As my dad says, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” Medical expenses can really pull the rug of financial security right out from under you! In November of 2018, I spent a week in Providence Hospital. In December of 2018 I spent to days at Prisma Baptist. I am so thankful for health insurance BUT it did not cover everything. Working with the hospitals, I was able to finally pay what I owed them – it turns out lots of testing by different physicians really adds up! I didn’t even have surgery.

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition gives fathers a hand up, by equipping dads with the knowledge, skills and support they need to be responsible providers and positive parents. Every once in a while, our fathers have a need that can effectively cause all the positive work they have done to crumble. Maybe they need a car repaired or they can’t get to their job so they will lose their job. Maybe they just moved into a safer neighborhood and a new apartment. They have started saving money and they have a utility bill that is double what is usually is- they don’t want their children to be cold and they need their electric stove to cook.. Maybe they need to see a medical specialist, get a prosthetic or have expensive medication. We work with companies and medical providers to discount their services, but there is still a cost.

This year, our Board of Directors is focusing our Winter Campaign on raising $10K to serve as an emergency fund for fathers participating and making great strides in our fatherhood program. May I count on you to help? My personal goal is to raise $1000 for this important cause. Thank you!!!

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Family emergencies can be unexpected. Whether it's medical expenses or home repairs, it's great to have a rainy day fund to be ready for what may happen out of the blue. Our team is looking to raise $10,000 for our fathers and families that are in need of some peace of mind through this financial safety net! 

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