Father's Day Bailout

Father's Day Bailout

From Kerwin Pittman

We are raising funds to bailout fathers on Father's Day of June 16, 2019. If you could reunite a father with his family on Father's Day would you? Your donation can reunite a father with his family.

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John sat stone face by the door. His mother words of comfort going in one ear and out the other. His mind continued to race a million thoughts a minute. Where was my dad? Its Father's Day he should have been home. Johns father Jeff had been missing for the last three days. When he asked his mother where was his father. She would only assure him that his father would be home soon. "Its ok John he will be home soon". She attempted to comfort him, yet console herself at the same time. Just last night after calling all over town trying to find Jeff. She called the only place left ... the county jail. Low and behold Jeff was there. He got arrested a few days before for disorderly conduct. Jeff paced his small smelly cell back and forth. He prayed to be out of jail before Father's Day. He couldn't let his son John down and not be there on their special day. Yet once his bond was set at $10,000 he knew that even with a bondsman at 10% ($1,000). He wouldn't be able to bond out. Him nor his wife even had $1,000 to their name. These kinds of stories take place every day in todays society. If you had the chance to free a father on Father's Day ...Would You? Your donation no matter how small will go towards reuniting a Father with his Family.

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