Veteran needing help moving to California for work

Veteran needing help moving to California for work

From Justin Hendricks

hello, my name is Justin.Im a veteran of the us army and graphic designer,I need help paying for moving to California.I have been offered a dream position if I could only get moved there, please anyone help me.

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so like I said before, Im trying to move to Northern California for a amazing job opportunity. after serving in the i decided to go back to school and get my B.S in graphic design with emphasis in informative design.Design is what I love it's my passion thats for sure.About 2 weeks ago I received a call from a design studio asking me to fill a position at their studio, and of course I said yes but live on the other side of the inited states.They told me that my design portfolio was amazing and that they would hold the offer for me for 30 days so I could get moved over and settled in.Well thats why Im here I  am desperately seeking help in paying the costs.sadly I don't have that kind of money to pay for such an expensive move.i have exactly 800 put back for the move but as for the rest I really need help.For the last 2 weeks I have been happy and excited at the opportunity of a lifetime for me, but the last couple of days the harsh reality of realizing I cant afford the move without help has brought me down.I am a very prideful man and fathers its hard for me to except the fact I need help so I hope im asking the right way.anyways if anyone reading this decides to help me then just know this, you are helping a father make a better life for his wife and kids, you are helping a veteran realize a life goal and dream of moving to California ,you are helping me get the dream job I have always wanted and giving me my life passion as a career.where I live now, there is no chance of getting a job like this or even making enough money to support a family of 4.If you decide to donate to me then please know I am so very thankful to you for opening your heart and wallet to help a stranger.anyways I will leave this here and say thank you for reading my story and have a blessed day.

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