Farzana's Stroke Recovery Fund

Farzana's Stroke Recovery Fund

From Samar Sayeed

On Tues. October 12th, Our mother Farzana was admitted to the UofU Hospital in Utah. She lost mobility in the left side of her body and after a emergency MRI a rupture was discovered which lead to a hemorrhage stroke.

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On Tuesday, October 12th, Farzana (our mother) checked into the University of Utah Hospital after experiencing dizziness and a severe headache. Within an hour, Farzana lost mobility in the left side of their body and could no longer walk. After an emergency MRI, the ICU doctors discovered a rupture in Farzana's brain had led to a hemorrhage stroke. For our family this news was a shock as our mother is quite healthy. Two days later, Farzana underwent brain surgery to remove a benign mass that caused the rupture. Luckily, the surgery was a success and Farzana's cognitive functions have fully returned.

However, due to the spread of blood across the right hemisphere of Farzana's brain, they are facing severe immobility that has left them wheelchair-bound. In order to use their body again, they must commit to inpatient and outpatient physical therapy for at least three months. A full recovery is not guaranteed, especially since they lack the financial means to secure continued physical therapy care and remain among their friends and community in Manti, Utah.

Through these challenges, Farzana has remained in high spirits. Despite this being, arguably, the worst thing that has happened in their life, they still make everyone laugh; cracking jokes in the ICU, lifting the spirits of everyone who visits them. They are determined to remain in Utah with their friends and family.

This month has burdened Farzana with many unexpected financial difficulties. hey confront hospital bills, mobility equipment needs, and the costs of relocating from a second-floor apartment to a first-floor apartment near The University of Utah Hospital. Any donation will help them meet these financial needs and go directly to Farzana's recovery.

Farzana is seeking to fund $15,000 for their recovery. A breakdown of these costs are below:

1) Hospital Bill (out-of-pocket): $6,000

2) Physical Therapy: $3,000

3) Relocation costs from second-floor apartment to first-floor apartment closer to physical therapy: $3,000

4) Lost Wages and Rent during a three month period of recovery: $2,000

5) Mobility Equipment (wheelchair, crutches, shower): $1,000

Thank you, 

Sayeed Family

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