My Family's Suffering from Black Mold, Can't Afford to Leave

My Family's Suffering from Black Mold, Can't Afford to Leave

From Connor Chan

Me and my family are in a crisis right now. We've discovered black mold in our house after inspection, and we need to get out ASAP. Everyone is very ill, and we can't afford to leave. Facing eviction and lawsuit.

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So let me be frank here, I don't typically ever consider doing these fundraisers. I try my best to do what I can and rely on the resources I have, however, given this situation, it has made it truly difficult for me and my family to do anything. 

We moved into this house 4 years ago, and since moving in, my entire family (myself included) all got chronically ill. We all face severe neurological and physical amenities such as memory loss, brain fog, chronic inflammation, fatigue, sinusitis, infections, and much more. Me and my oldest brother however, have it the worst. He was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, narcolepsy, seizure disorder, and Fibromyalgia since moving in here, and I've been facing acute pains, neurological distress, fatigue, systematic infections, a compromised immune system, and have been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Behcet's Syndrome which has flared up majorly in the presence of this mold.

 The mold has gotten all of us except for our dad out of a job, with us being too sick to work, and this house is killing us (literally). Mold inspector told us to get out ASAP, however due to our financial situation, we cannot afford to leave immediately. 

Our landlord is seeking legal action against us, because we cannot afford rent in these conditions, and he has also placed the blame on us for the damages, despite the water damage and leaks being present upon moving in, and repairs being ignored. They are attempting to sue us and get us out of the house, yet we cannot even afford to move. Either way, it is a devastating and stressful situation. 

With each passing moment, the situation gets more grave. To say I am desperate is an understatement. Any donations to help with our mortgage, damages, health crisis, and stability would be a miracle.

Heres a PDF of all of the water damage that was observed in the walkthrough by a certified mold specialist/inspector:

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