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Trying to get into a house for myself and my 3 kids, my ex..served me a notice to quit and court ordered we have to be out by January 31st. I have no one I lost my step dad, dad and mom from cancer,desperate for help

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My name is Brooke I am 29 and a single mother to 3 beautiful kids. Ages 9..5..and 3. Heres my story... At the age of 17 my junior year in highschool my bio dad was diagnosed with cancer.. He passed away about 6 months after finding out, as if that wasnt enough to handle.. We than found out my step dad was diagnosed with cancer.. I watched him suffer and literally saw the cancer eating his life away so fast. Me and my mom were devestated the day he passed he waited until he said his final goodbyes to everyone.. I laid next to him as he said ..i love you brooke take care of your mom shes really going to need you.. I love you. And he was gone in disbelief I just laid there and held him.. My mom took a turn for the worse and started using drugs and was not paying the house mortage that all the money he left for her so he knew we would be okay.. She blew them. Literally 3 checks a day were coming in.. So in 2010 i graudated high school, and became pregant and had my first daughter on October 21 2011. the most beautiful 7 pound 10 ounce baby ever... My mom was IN LOVE.and finally a nana lol well. Around november my mom started having issues with her hips to the point where she was needing assistance getting around with a walker.. In march 2014 our house was forclosed on and by this time my mom was in a wheel chair battling medicaid because both hips completely were bone on bone. And she needed hip replacements.. So I moved into an apartment with my mom so i could help take care of her.. In december of 2015 I had my second daughter Peyton mom was complaining about.tooth pain and went to the dentist to find out that SHE HAD MOUTH cancer.. They removed it but 8.months later it was back to haunt her even worse. Now it was neck.throat and mouth cancer. We moved out of the apartment in june 2016 because I had to quit my job to tAke care of my mom and she no longer had those checks coming in.. She moved in with a friend and I moved down the road with my kids father,  my mom ended up moving out of her friends and we had no where to go in 2017 so i started being stupid trying to find a way to get income so I had a place and a roof for my kids and mom.. I ended up going to jail. And my kids dad took care of my mother.. I got out and we started living with my kids dad and than moved into a bigger house so my mom had a room .. We Loved it there.. But our luck we were scammed and the house had been forclosed on.. So we had to move out and  started staying in hotels .. I had no vehicle because the motor blew in ours.. So i was doing everything from making sure we had a taxi for doctor appointments .. A roof over our head.. Food to eat.. My mom was no longer able to eat.. I was feeding her through a feeding tube in her stomach... Radiation was burning every layer of skin off her neck.. Hospital visits after hospital visits... We finally were able to get  into a small house of our very own with her social security benefits.. And in 2018 i had my son in april.. My mom was dieing right in front of my eyes.. My best friend own mommy. I did everything to keep her comfortable but i knew the last hospital trip.. Was going to be her last. She was tired of suffering. She ended up having sepsis in the hospital.. I held her hand as she couldnt really talk was on life support but.looked at me and said im ready to go.. My mom was over the pain and being alive due to machines.. She was gone on 09-11-2019.My life changed.. I had to move out with no where to go.. So her friend robert offered to take us in.. Everything was perfect he started being my boyfriend.. He is alot older than I am..I ended up being stupid and betrayed him more than i ever should of. I have not worked sense the covid. Because I was doing my own buisness but when the kids had to stay out of school I lost my clients and have not been able to pick myself back up and get my son in daycare so I can work.. But the time has come.. And on my daughters birthday on the 21st I have court for a notice to quit unlawful detainer to have me out of his house sense we are no longer togather. So now I am not going to have ANYWHERE to go.. How am i going to afford a house within 15 days.. I was devestated i felt steplike I let my kids down.. I dont know what to do.. I HATE TO ask for the help.. But im desperate. :( anything will help. My time is running out and I feel stuck.

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