Family home debt -evacuation / help to lebanese family

Family home debt -evacuation / help to lebanese family

From Jad Mehanna

Dear Fellow humans and for the sake of our humanity. Lebanon has made us bankrupt. Now threatened if i dont pay 2700$ we will loose our home Google lebanon situation and contact me

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Dear helpers , fellow human in that world

I am a family father , of 2 girls married

i was a succesful person in lebanon

a musician composer , life and stress coach/psychologist.

lebanon since 2 years besudes corona

got bankrupted. Corruption. Our money in bank stolen.

Our money got 20 time depreciated 

Beirut port explosion happened killed 200 persons injured 6000.

My only car was there it got destroyed

We have no government.


Suddenly from making 2000 4000$ monthly

It s been 2 years we make 200 300 max. Barely to eat.

And on top of this our banks who robbed us still asking for our house mortgages

We have no gas no electricity barely

No medicines.

From a country called jewel of the middle east to families making only max 200$

Banks threatening me for 2 weeks to close my 2700 dollar or leave home. And become homeless.

I really ask humbly that i can be helped

In return i can give you my published books or music albums

Or follow up with you for life and existential isdues as a personal coach for 5-7 session for each person who pays 400-500$

For transperency

And my previous success. 

00961 71928805 whatsapp

Plz feel free to contact me.

Counting on you... 

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