Fall 2020 Tuition

Fall 2020 Tuition

From Dienta A

I'm raising money for the rest of my tuition. I am an asylum seeker in the United States and I am currently waiting for an interview. I am not able to legally work yet, so right now I have no means of income.

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Hi all. 

For those of you that do not know my story, I am an asylum seeker from Malaysia that is fleeing LGBT persecution in the United States. I am a college student that got outed and lost my funding and support, and I am in my last semester. In late July and early August, I created a GoFundMe to help me through August and pay some of my tuition as I have been pushed against the wall and is really desperate. I managed to raise enough to get me through August & September and pay 50% of my tuition, which gives me some sense of financial security. I also received an emergency fund and scholarship. Since then, I have also received notice from USCIS that my application has been received and I am legally allowed to stay in the U.S. while my application is pending. I also attended a biometrics appointment on November 17th. The next step is just the interview, which might take a while. Thus, I decided to put myself on the "short notice" list. Being on this list will allow USCIS to contact me if there is an interview spot available and I will have to go within 24 hours. This interview date is very pressing to me as I am experiencing significant financial hardship due to the inability to work as an asylum applicant, and I can only apply for an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) after 365 days (due to a recent change in the law by the administration), which puts me to next July. That is too long, hence why I decided to put myself on the shortlist for the interview. Hopefully, I will be able to get an interview notice sometime soon. 

I previously thought that by January onwards, I should be in a place where I could work and be financially stable. Or, I would have received notice on my case. Either way, I would have more security after that. However, right now I am just stuck in limbo as I can’t do anything much. In the meantime, I would really like to pay for my last semester of school. Again, at this point, I am done with my biometrics and now just waiting for the interview notice. I just checked my case status on the USCIS website and saw this.

For the past few months, I have been surviving by whatever savings I have left, and I have a really supportive roommate that has been helping me out. I have also been focusing on school and mental health since I received a lot of backlashes and negative attention the last time I did a fundraiser. I deleted my GoFundMe account and all my social media, even though I only really raised 50% of my whole bill. I thought I was going to figure it out somehow. However, I now realize that my GoFundMe campaign was actually unrealistic. I did raise enough to pay leftover fees from the summer ($5,142), and the first two payments for the fall semester with the service fees. However, now I am in a stump to pay for the rest ($8,442.50). Furthermore,  as a non-citizen, I am unable to get any financial aid or federal loans. My credit score is also really bad for getting a private loan, except if I have a cosigner. I also don't have any family that could help me out. Most scholarships have also passed the deadline since it is so late. That’s why I decided to do that GoFundMe, but I had to close it early due to the amount of backlash I received.

Before, I thought that I could get a sponsor as someone informed me that they would be able to help me out and find a sponsor. However, that didn’t really work out and now I am figuring out what to do to finally be done with everything. I will be graduating this semester, and then that’s it. No matter what happens, either way, I can basically work all spring semester. I could either get to work legally or get accepted for asylum. Even if I get denied, I could always appeal and that process could take a while. Point is, in January, I should be fine with the ability to work an actual job and to get a steady income. The problem right now is that I’m talking like 24 credits and it’s slightly impeding my ability to perform well in school. 

Like I said before, I thought that I could get a sponsor or something, but that didn’t work out. I don’t really know what to do at this point, and my roommate said “Just do another GoFundMe”. But I can’t, not after what happened. And also I deleted my account. But now I am pushed into a corner and I don't know what to do. So I thought to create another account on this website and seek out any help or suggestions that people may have or anything to help me out. I put $9,000 as it is an even number and also to help pay rent that I am currently struggling to play.

Again, feel free to contact me to look at the proof of enrollment/graduation and my tuition statement. I would really much like to avoid the whole scammer fiasco again.  Thank you so much for your consideration. I am an Immunology & Infectious Diseases major, with minors in Economics and Global Health. My dream is to be a physician that works in public health and works in public policy, but right now my dreams are stalled due to this whole fiasco. Your donation would not just be a way to help me out, but an investment for the community. 

Thank you so much. 

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