Get Lizzie back to Uganda

Get Lizzie back to Uganda

From Lizzie Schaut

I am raising money for my 6 week trip to Uganda (September 3 - October 16). I'll be working for Khana, getting girls the panties they need to hold pads in place, manage menstruation, and stay in school!

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So, the trip. During my 6 weeks in Uganda, I'll be working on behalf of Khana** to:

  • Finalize & place underwear orders with our incredible manufacturer (Fine Spinners Uganda). Their supply chain is exclusively Ugandan and all of their organic cotton products are produced in Kampala, Uganda. A dream partner for us.
  • Formalize our partnership with our largest giving partner - Days for Girls Uganda. We will meet to finalize processes and impact metrics that allow our partnership to be both efficient and effective in distributing Khana panties.
  • Prepare for the Influencer + Content Trip Oct 6-16. We are bringing one of our team members, a videographer, and a major influencer on Khana's board to Uganda in October! We will be both collecting content and participating in panty distributions. Content is the engine for raising funds to do great things these days. Some of my time will be spent preparing the way for a safe, affordable, and meaningful trip for the group.
  • Visit rural villages with local partners to develop a network of need by identifying communities of girls who have pads but not panties. We have an amazing contact in Uganda who will help me collect data to support our fundraising efforts for our grassroots programs that focus on this population. This is a unique opportunity as we would never be able to identify these communities without local leaders.
  • Visit local network connections to experience their work and bolster relationships. We have many contacts in Uganda doing the most incredible work. I'll be meeting with some of these contacts, visiting sex trafficking rehabilitation programs, medical clinics, churches and more.
  • Explore the Kenyan Textile Market. We would love to expand into Kenya soon. I am hoping to spend some time in Nairobi, Kenya to scout the textile market there if I can get a short-term visa in-country.


For those who are not familiar, Khana is the non-profit start up that has become my full-time job this year! We are working to ensure that every girl has the panties she needs to manage menstruation and stay in school. Many aid groups have donated reusable pads into the field in recent years, but many girls do not have the panties they need to hold them in place. In a skirt culture, a pad without panties is useless.

Our organization focuses on reallocating resources from the U.S. to girls in developing countries in sustainable ways - manufacturing all underwear locally to support economic development, working through both locally-led major giving partners and locally-led grassroots efforts to distribute our underwear into the field. We dedicate a significant portion of our limited resources to truly evaluating the need and our impact through research, work on the ground, and developing transparent systems.

I am very proud of the work we do! We are on our way to being a sustainable and transparent organization that can accomplish great work in this world. Our greatest barrier right now is financial support - we are a young start up, our 501c3 status is still pending, and our entire team is made up of volunteers (including Shayna, myself, and 13 others who work part-time). We run super lean on admin costs and every dollar counts!


There are many ways you can participate in this work and support me in my trip!

As usual and with nearly everything, financial support is my greatest need right now. Would you consider sponsoring one day of my trip in Uganda at $49? Visit my campaign page and click donate.

Here are a few other ways to get involved:

  • Follow along on Social Media - both me and Khana!
  • Stay in touch on WhatsApp.
  • Pray/petition the universe/send vibes of efficacy and safety.
  • Give to Khana at! We are a young organization desperately trying to make the world better for girls who don't have the menstrual products they need. Every dollar makes a very real impact on our work - whether its a $1 donation or a monthly commitment.

** I am traveling on behalf of Khana, but I am not fundraising or posting on behalf of Khana. The money donated through my fundly campaign will go directly to me, Lizzie, to cover the costs associated with this trip (flights, accommodations, travel insurance, food in UG, etc.). This is only to cover the costs of my trip - anything given over the $3,000 threshold will be donated to Khana and used for our work as a nonprofit. If you are not comfortable with this but would still like to donate, please donate to Khana directly! **

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