Expose the corruption

Expose the corruption

From Benjamin Mize

I am a whistle blower and through prayers to God and the internet pastor here to tell the truth about how corrupt this world is and what we need to do to fix it. Namely to repent to God's service to others law, organize.

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I whistle blow on these and other social media sites about mystery babylon as the book of revelation chapter 17 and 18 talks about or the illuminati as the youtube truther documentaries talk about which worships the devil, ruins the world, and rules over the kings of the earth:



-Video uploads:





-Text based





I'm trying to raise money to expand in time.

My message is simple: People need to wake up, put the 10 commandments, repent or die, and conspiracy theory government documents in the comment boxes of 2 or 500 social media sites by typing in 'list of social media sites' into search engines and 'list of conspiracy theories' then type one in with 'governemnt documents' and start posting about it all. If we don't, and we don't organize the paper campaign of exposing, suing, voting, getting politicians to sign business contracts that if they don't do their promises they own their constituents everything they own for the rest of their lives, then I fear we'll have world war 3 like the book of revelation may be indicating and the youtube truthers have been warning of for so long. 

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