Help Me Get Back on My Feet (SOLO ROADTRIP Expenses)

Help Me Get Back on My Feet (SOLO ROADTRIP Expenses)

From Christina Shih

Cover Roadtrip expenses, from CA to Nashville&the long SOLO trek from Nashville back to CA, across several states.Food, Gas, Airbnbs, all exhausted credit limit.This will help as I await to get any job.Thank so much!=)

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           During the end of Feb. 2020, I had traveled and drove from California to Nashville in pursuit of my dreams to pursue getting into music industry. It was by March that covid started to spread throughout the various states, as I was making my way from Arizona to Texas and then to Nashville. There were potential open mic shows that needed to be canceled because of covid. I tried to settle in Nashville starting mid March until the last week May. I had quarantined basically for 3 months in Nashville airbnb apt. I have applied to over 50+ jobs in Nashville including Warner Music/BMI/Concord Entertainment. Concord was going to get back to me but never did. I continued to reach out as much as I could, spending hours into late at night sending emails/LinkedIn messages to music industry professionals, Music Supervisors in Nashville. I started to expand applying for jobs also outside of music, to include financial/design/technology/healthcare companies too, just to get any income. After 3 months, there was still no job offer. My credit card is still paying for airbnb monthly rent and my savings was getting really low. I had hoped to meet with my friends that were cowriters to cowrite music together. But covid stopped all that for me. I was becoming more hopeless and discouraged in pursuing trying to get established in the music industry.         

          Despite me having a brother in Virginia, not far from Nashville, because of covid it was not an option to stay with him and his kids. Safety and protection was a concern as well for them. My parents in CA have deep debt that can not help me either. They also live in small apt, don't have a place for me to go either. Because of my dad being in his 70s, it was not an option.         I was losing hope and thought heading back West to California could potentially open more job opportunities back in San Diego. Being by the beaches in Southern California can help me quarantine with more peace and rest for my mind, emotions, and soul from my travels. Regaining my peace and strength, could help catapult me to get more clear vision of my next steps to reach for my dreams in another way, virtually.         

           Now as I build my vision and purpose back in California, I hope to get a better footing and clarity of my next steps. I am applying over 20 jobs each day, non stop until I get a full time income. I am doing whatever it takes to secure income so I don't have to endanger myself by moving from airbnbs to airbnbs, and stay at places where others may/may not have covid had stayed before. I hope to ultimately secure be able pay for long term rental for my own safety and peace of mind. Staying in one place permanently will help me focus on building a potential business/podcast/continue creating music for Sync as well. It will be beneficial for my health as well. It will help me stay creative and productive as well with stability.          

            Please help me in getting my footing back in CA, as I await on hopefully a job offer. I hope it may not take longer than just a few months. I can only hope and pray for the best as I put in all my efforts in everyday to look and apply for jobs. Relying only on very little savings and almost exhausted credit limit-- has me not in a secure and safe spot. But I believe we are all in this together. We can all help by building each other back up. For we are only stronger when we help each other.  

~Together we will make it through this covid and difficult time. Any money donation you feel led to give from $5-15-20, will help me greatly! 

~Thank you so much for your time and reading my story. 

**I hope you will never stop living for your dreams and no matter what never give up what is on your heart to pursue. I hope my story had inspired you to live larger and live Courageously!** =)

*You are meant for Purpose, Destiny, Hope, Courage, and Freedom* 

Hope & Peace to you, 

Christina S. =]

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