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Where is the fine line when a man starts to like a girl? If you met him through the World Angels models agency, he must like you. Otherwise you wouldn't be sitting in the pleasant semi-darkness of that fancy restaurant, and he wouldn't be looking at you curiously. And if you want to meet again with this Prince Charming in a red Rolls Royce, carefully parked by a restaurant employee, you have to put into action all the female wisdom, so that your interlocutor appreciate not only the beauty, but also the remarkable intellect, charm and ability to make interesting short hours of free time, which he is willing, hopefully, to devote to you.The most important thing is to get started.A first date suggests that people should learn as much as they can about each other. It is not necessary to spend the entire evening with a list of questions and answers and put a neat checkmark in them. Moreover, that your companion may be much older than you, not ready for the games, which would easily fall for a peer.
A good place to start a conversation is:The establishment where you are meeting: sharing your own experience, if you have been there before, or information from a trusted source is a good idea;the food or wine list, which might show that you are knowledgeable if you are knowledgeable about the food;You may gradually move on to discussing other places you have been.Try to provoke a dialogue.Since you already know each other at first sight, there is no shame in asking directly what the person sitting opposite wants to know about you.
When talking about yourself, it's important to understand that family or health problems aren't of interest to anyone. A great topic to talk about is:a hobby, as long as it's not cross-stitching, but something that seems fun to the man;Your education or work (this is easy to pass on to a man);Recent movie or theatre premieres that have received increased press attentionBusiness or science news (never mention politics), as long as you can say more than one sentence.In general, any remark should be constructed in such a way as to encourage the interlocutor to speak out. If it works, pay attention, remember, and ask follow-up questions.

Do not be afraid to answer questions honestlyIf the woman you just met starts asking questions, you may feel good: He genuinely likes you and is ready to continue your conversation. Try to be as honest as possible when answering, so he doesn't catch you in an ugly lie later.It's great if you know how to treat yourself with humor and can not only satisfy his curiosity, but also liven up the atmosphere with laughter. Know how to play with words, with your voice. Sure, a man loves with his eyes, but the ever-changing timbre, the intonations he expresses won't let him come away from you the same way a graceful leg on a dizzying stiletto or a chic cleavage will.Meeting a man you've met as an escort model isn't all that different from a casual acquaintance. Well, or treating it that way is easier. It's important to understand that even if you don't like this person for some reason and you would never agree to meet them a second time, you are now at work. You need to do everything in your power to make sure that he is happy with the evening and does not decide that contacting World Angels was a mistake. It is a question of your professional suitability, if you like, and you must not allow yourself to be capricious.


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