Escaped Abuse

Escaped Abuse

From Mandy Thomason

I'm raising money for a fresh start for me and my 2 kids. Recently escaped an abusive relationship of 18 years!

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Hello everyone. I'm Mandy and this is my story . From the time I was 12 years old I have been in abusive relationship after abusive relationship. The next always worse then the last, and I met a man 18 yrs ago that would change me forever. It started off great! He was sweet, kind and seemingly caring but he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Slowly he distanced me from friends then family and finally from my own independence. He made sure I had nobody but him so I would need him. Psychologically abused me and not so long after that came the physical, verbal and emotional torture. We had 2 beautiful children (the only good thing that came from him) anyway he started turning his hand to them and that made me instantly wake up from the mental hold he had on me! Nothing stronger than a mother protecting her young and at that moment I felt stronger then I have ever felt in my life!! I also realized that environment would go on to affect their lives and relationships as adults. This is not normal! Not what it should be! Definitely not what we deserve!! I don't want my children thinking this life is acceptable and it's my responsibility to show them what is! So 3 days ago in the middle of the night after he passed out from drinking (but not before he struck me for the last time) I woke up my kids and just left. With nothing but what we were wearing and enough money to spend 5 days in a motel room.  I am asking for prayers and money to get us necessities, clothes, food and to safety and peace! (my moms) so we can start fresh and live a life of normalcy, laughter and happiness! I know the road ahead will be hard but it was the easiest choice I have ever made and in the end we will triumph!! Thanks for reading my story. God bless!!!

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