Epidemic Hit and Still Heartless Scammers

Epidemic Hit and Still Heartless Scammers

From Melvin Johnson

I’m attempting to raise money because the Coronavirus hit and I was quickly out of a job. I’ve been the main source of income for my family for the last 2 years. Coronavirus was the final blow to in this long battle.

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Ok, where do I begin?The beginning of this crisis..My Beautiful wife lost her job because she was in and out of the hospital for almost 6 months before the doctors even had any idea of what was causing her sicknesses.During that period she would have good days followed by many bad days.It wasn’t long before all her sick days was gone and she was fired..I told my wife”Don’t worry baby,I got us”.She continued to go in and out of the hospital,I did what any real man should do.Supported her and tried getting as many hours of work as I could plus stick by her side praying for her recovery.Eventually we got our answers about her health issues but not before all our founds went to hospital bills and doctors.Little did she know I was falling behind because everything was now on me. Oh, did I mention my wife was the bread winner of the family?Yes she made far more money than me.We moved from a house to an apartment.We sold my car and kept her truck.We cut whatever corners we could to find any penny we could.Things started getting better because her health got better.That was until the call came that my work contract was up and it was time for unemployment.I was losing faith and ready to just give up.My wife began looking for work because she was now healthy enough to go back to work.2 months nothing...4 months..Nothing! Just when it couldn’t get any worse....I got a new job offer!A new contract came in and I was even given a advance check for 3,850. Wonderful right?There is a God,right?Well turns out it was a scam.I deposited the check in my account got approved and finally was able to catch up on some billls and buy the equipment and supplies needed to begin the contract I thought was official.So that’s the whole story besides the ups and downs the mental and emotional stress cause and effect of life under these circumstances.Now with no relief in sight with this present Coronavirus epidemic ,I’m asking for some help..I’ve prayed and now I’m not to proud to beg.

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