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Online Fundraising For The Enterprise

Fundly Enterprise can be used as the central means to fundraise for your organization either through events or campaigns around specific projects or simply as your organization's online fundraising portal.

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Turn it Loose!

Fire up your support network. Drive engagement. Delight your donors. Raise more money. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Pages for Events,
Campaigns and Fundraising

Your entire year of fundraising in one place. From donations pages that are branded to your mission and up and running in minutes, to viral crowdfunding campaigns and event pages, Fundly Enterprise injects the best of Peer-to-Peer technology in all your fundraising.

Promote your Cause

Promoting your cause and making it go viral has never been easier. Through integrated, targeted email and social media, you and your supporters will blanket the web with calls to action.

Get Mobile

Mobile giving has never looked better or been easier. Accept donations from anyone, anywhere, on any device. It’s fast, efficient, and secure.

Get FUNDLY ENTERPRISE and Fire Up Your Fundraising.

  • Branded to your organization
  • Mobile optimized
  • Easy to implement
  • Works for campaigns and events
  • Secure payment processing
  • No minimum requirements to keep funds
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