Endora For Congress FL 12th District

Endora For Congress FL 12th District

From Endora Schmidt

I am hoping to raise enough funds to be able to file ASAP . Its time FL 12th had someone to Fight for You NOT Fight Against You !

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This is a Potential Campaign,  I am hoping to raise enough funds to be able to file ASAP .

Given this is a fairly high Red area, I am just trying to see if I can get a solid following for this endeavor.

I think I can pull off a win, since I have lived here for the last 5 years I have seen, talked with and explored issues and reasons why Pasco (FL 12th dist) needs some one who cares about them.

Not a candidate who will vote along party lines no matter How many of their constituents that vote may hurt. The people in this area along with this country have been hurting for far too long.

It is time for us ALL to Stop Hurting! 

Its time for the People to Get Ahead. Its time to END the Obstruction! 

Now is the time to have someone who not only cares about their well being but understands the REAL LIFE struggles.

If I am able to raise the funds needed this will be a complete Grass Roots campaign.  

If I am able to raise the funds needed to file to get this campaign off the ground, If I am able to win this I WILL be the person who will Fight for You NOT Fight Against You.

No matter Who You Are or what side you are on YOU deserve someone who will work in Your best interest Not the interest of a party that has Failed ALL the People!   

Most of my childhood and All of my adult life I have busted my butt for my kids fought tooth & nail to get a head and found myself 2 steps behind most of the time.

DC if filled with those who never had to worry about paying rent or bills.Never Had to worry about Putting Food on the Table.Having enough gas money to get to work to Get TO a Paycheck. Never had to worry about HOW to get to work if the car didn't start or they had a Flat tire.  Most of those We Have Elected NEVER knew what it was like to decide on what bill to pay this month or How to squeeze out the money to buy diapers!I have Lived it ! I KNOW the struggle !I Know the Sleepless Nights! I know how hard it is & How it Hurts to Tell Your Kids I'm sorry but No, Not this paycheck.  We all need to live, survive & thrive in this big blue marble together does not matter where you came from of what side of the political spectrum you are even on.We all have pretty much the same personal issues Most of us live a daily struggle, some live it hourly.Most of us are NOT independently wealthy & or in the top 10% of the income spectrum.We get up at Dark-Thirty We go to work , We go to school , we stop at the grocery store or gas station on the way home from our day.Hope to have dinner on the table.Go to bed and do it all over again pretty much 365 days a year.Many of us don't get vacations. We don't get weekend getaways. We don't get Sick days. We Don't get a Christmas Bonus'.Most of us Don't even get a Gold Watch at the End of our 25 yrs.

No matter Who you are.No matter Where you came from.No matter how young or old you are.

I would like to be the person You choose to go freeze my tail off in DC to Fight for you Not against You!(Unlike Gus Bilirakis who is now representing Fl 12th District was too part of a Seditious movement that Almost cost us our country)Who IF He would not have Tested Positive for COVID would have Voted Against the Will of the People on Jan. 6, 2021Voted Against the Stimulus PlanVoted Against the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers ActVoted Against the Paycheck Fairness ActVoted Against the Violence Against Women's ActVoted Against the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act  Voted Against the Bipartisan Background Checks ActAnd the List goes on.

Of the 25 bills Brought before the house since 1/6/2021 He Voted NO All but 1. You can see his voting record here:https://justfacts.votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/17318/gus-bilirakis/?p=1

Because we all need the same basics:HealthcareRacial EqualityIncome EqualityTackle Climate ChangeMuch Needed Higher Min Wage ($15/hour Really don't cut it) Free Education (Like Almost EVERY Other country in the world But Ours!) Sensible Gun Laws ( No one needs a Gun at the Grocery Store) Criminal Justice Reform (Let's Face it the courts are a Money making Business)Police Reform (No one should have to Fear being pulled over) Black, Latino, LGBTQ, Seniors, Veteran's & Women's Rights.Voting Rights For ALL US Citizens 

This is complete grass roots campaign together from about 6 feet under the ground on up . 

As a Democrat Candidate for the US House Because Florida's 12th District Deserves Someone Who Will Fight For ALL Constituents ....

Not Just Those Who May Vote For Me !

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