End Akron's Forced Vaccine Requirements

End Akron's Forced Vaccine Requirements

From Alexander D Mortensen

We are suing the University of Akron as they are poised to kick out 40% of their student body if they do not receive a Covid vaccine or sign a legally problematic exemption form. Your funds help us eliminate the form!

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Amongst many other universities here in Ohio, The University of Akron has given their students and faculty an ultimatum: either receive the Covid-19 vaccination, sign away your rights as a student, or be removed from the university. As it stands, more than 7,000 students (roughly 40% of the student population) have not been vaccinated, and are not looking to do so at the present time. The university knows how large a percentage of students this affects, and they have not backed down their pressure. If these students do not sign the exemption form by December 1st, they will have their ability to enroll in the spring taken from them.

Which brings us to the next problem, the exemption form itself. As is, it gives the university the right to control every aspect of a student's rights to a far greater degree than anyone else. It states that the university can remove these students from campus, classes, and residencies over a threat of an outbreak, all while still taking their money for it. This is just one of many serious problems with the form that is terrifying the student population.

But there is hope. Recently, the University of Miami, a school with an identical form and policy, was sued over the legal problems that the form posed, and was forced to retract their policy. This case was a clear cut, over and done victory for the students and faculty at Miami. The University of Akron uses an incredibly similar form, and we are currently working with the same lawyer that helped the Miami students. 

All donations to this page will go directly to paying for the legal expenses associated with our case. Many Akron students are currently afraid that all their hard work and progress will be taken from them over this issue. Many are terrified that this fall semester could be their last. Please help us out to give us a chance to keep our education going!


Miami University of Ohio retracts exemption conditions - by Warner Mendenhall - CovidLawCast.Com


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