Employee Happiness - How to Improve Employee Happiness and How It Can Affect Productivity

Employee Happiness - How to Improve Employee Happiness and How It Can Affect Productivity

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Companies didn’t care much about their employees in the past. Today, business organizations have started to give importance to staff happiness. Still, a large number of people working in different companies don’t feel comfortable with their job.

A recent study by Gallup found that just 15% of the global workforce like doing their job. It means the rest of the 85% work unwillingly, just to earn their livelihood.

There’s a huge gap that needs to be filled. Employee satisfaction can lead to more productivity. According to Harvard Business Review, contented staff can increase sales by 37%, task accuracy by 19%, and overall productivity by 31%.

Keeping these facts in mind, companies should start making efforts to make their employees happy. They should feel great about the workplace. It will be beneficial for both, workforce and the company.

Why Workplace Happiness Matters?

There are solid reasons why workplace happiness is crucial to achieving a productive working environment. Here are some of the key facts:

       Happier employees are up to 31% more productive

       Companies can observe up to a 37% increase in sales

       Happiness leads to a constructive work environment

       An average company can see up to an 8% annual rise in stock value

       Pleased staff improves task accuracy by 19%

       Employees stay committed to working long-term for the company

       Staff will ensure a good customer relationship

Making employees fall in love with the company can be a great source to achieve business objectives effectively.

Organizations that fail to meet their goals adopt different strategies to tackle productivity issues. They invest in marketing campaigns, which seldom work. It’s like treating a disease with the wrong pill. They should foster strategies to improve workspace culture instead of making larger investments in advertising.

It is a fact that happiness and productivity are directly connected. If you want to increase productivity, then you will have to ensure all proper ways that lead to employee happiness.

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