Employability - The Skills Learned by Fundraising

Employability - The Skills Learned by Fundraising

From Sara Pailen

Skills Important for Fundraising

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It's a tough job market out there. When every job advert has more applicants than the employer can feasibly interview, you need to ensure that you stand out if you want to make it to the interview stage. One of the best ways to make your resume stand out is to highlight skills that aren't solely related to your education. If you've managed a successful fundraising campaign, then you have skills and experience that will look fantastic on your resume. If you're not convinced about those attributes or their value on your resume, here are some of the skills you have likely picked up during your fundraising activities that could be the key to your next career step.


Working on a successful fundraiser means that you're often relying on a bare-bones mentality and making the most of what you've got. That can be a high-value skill set in today's job market. That resourcefulness will make you more valuable to startups that are bootstrapping, or to small businesses that have limited resources. By making more from what you're limited to, you can make your resume stand out.

Self Management

Running a fundraising campaign is very similar to being self-employed. You need to manage your time and your finances so that your campaign is more likely to succeed, and that's a good sign to employers that you have good self-management skills. Being able to work without supervision is something that all employers are looking for, so remember to make a note of the roles and responsibilities that you tackled throughout the fundraising campaign.

Business Skills

If you can run a fundraiser then there's a good chance that you have picked up some basic business management skills along the way. Remember to add the following skills to your resume if your campaign required you to learn:

       Campaign planning (very similar to business planning)

       Digital marketing

       Social media management

When you start breaking down all of the campaign roles that were your responsibility you might be surprised by their relevance in the job market.


Many career roles involve managing finances and your campaign will have given you a good level of experience in financial management. If you want a career as a forex trader, then handling a fundraising campaign can be a useful way to evaluate your ability to think analytically. Consider how forex works in reality, and you'll see that your ability to manage financial expectations, evaluate real-world events and their impact on your campaign goals and your ability to diversify into currency trading will be far smoother.

Tech Skills

There are lots of technical skills you'll need to develop when planning, setting up, launching, and managing your campaign. You'll need to have specific goals and a plan to meet those goals. Being able to use the latest technologies is a vital skill in today's workplace, and any experience that you can build while running your fundraising campaign can be highly beneficial when it comes to writing your resume. If you build websites, set up campaign pages, or engage with audiences via new or traditional marketing methods, then you will have tech skills that are highly valuable in the workplace.

No matter your goals or your reasons for launching a fundraising campaign, what you learn from the experience can be the key to your next career step. Never underestimate the hard work that goes into a successful fundraising campaign and you could be making it far easier to get the career you've been dreaming of.

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