Emily Has A Body

Emily Has A Body

From Matt Mccandless

Emily Has a Body is a love letter to the age 13 and the journey of becoming a woman.

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Flat-chested and late bloomer, EMILY TRAN, is too old to be considered cute but she’s not pretty either. After a butchered haircut, Emily befriends a group of older teens that teach her how to shoplift, smoke weed, have her first kiss and grow up.

Emily is not mature enough to physically look like the girls she wants to be, so she tries to act like them to compensate, but what if you just aren’t ready to grow up? "Emily Has a Body" explores themes of self-love and enjoying the time and place you have now. 

This is a story that will remind you of one of the worst years of your life, but one of the most special. Do you remember your first real friends?

The majority of the budget will be composed of locations, food, props and wardrobe. 

Casting is one of our largest challenges in that our goal is to have a preteen Asian-American to play the role of Emily. Being that age is such a unique time that we’d like to stay true and authentic to the experience and may have to outsource from Pittsburgh.

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Milky Tran is a 21-year old Vietnamese-American writer/director. Her short films center around relationships, growing up and family dynamics while focusing on the rich small, intimate details of life. She puts herself and heart into every story with a goal to forward the Asian-American narrative. Her work has been featured across the nation at the National Film Festival for the Talented Youth, The California Film Awards, the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival and more. When she was 13, Milky collected fedoras, coordinated her braces colors with her nail polish and actively worked hard to stay on the honor roll.

Matthew B. McCandless - CO-PRODUCER

Matthew B. McCandless is a sound designer and producer from Harrisburg. His life goal is to create the craziest sounds you have ever heard, and win an Oscar for them. Matthew has produced 5 films up to this point in time, they range from horror to comedy to drama. When he was thirteen, he really believed the world was ending on December 21st, 2012. 


Zoe Alexandra is a producer, director, and screenwriter from Pittsburgh. She is inspired by the mind and all things twisted. She has produced and directed a number of successful student films during her time at Point Park University, and has worked on several notable television and Netflix shows shooting in Pittsburgh. When she was thirteen, she cried every time Lady Gaga came on the radio and television.


Elliot Clay grew up just north of Pittsburgh. His main focus is cinematography, ranging from work on dramas to science fiction. He draws most of his inspiration from the works of Roger Deakins, Freddie Young, and Steve Yedlin. Most of his visual style focuses on linking people between spaces and time. He heavily studies the aspects of emotion and sympathy of characters through film. Many works of his have been featured in festivals such as Indie Oaks and the CMU International Film Festival. When Elliot was 13, he played Minecraft as much as he does today.

Lauren Balint - EDITOR

Lauren Balint is an editor from a cornfield in Ohio. She enjoys sci-fi films and plans to move to NY to cut narrative films or scripted television. When she was thirteen she played clarinet in jazz band, cared too much about Doctor Who, and listened exclusively to country music and Ke$ha.

Peter Brucker - SOUND DESIGNER

Peter Brucker is a Pittsburgh native Sound Designer and Audio engineer for film and theater. His designs focus on the nuances of realism and the majesty of the ethereal. Peter has worked with companies such as City Theatre, the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and Quantum Theatre. When he was 13, Peter had an expansive collection of Magic, the Gathering trading cards and a bright red Pokédex he kept in his school locker.


Olivia Busby is a director and screenwriter from small-town Ohio. Her favorite films are ones that feature Leonardo DiCaprio. She has directed upwards of 13 shorts during her time at Point Park University and enjoys telling stories about relationships, grief, and firsts. When she was thirteen, she posted 10+ Facebook statuses daily about Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series. 

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