Crafty Cat Rescue Emergency Vet Bills

Crafty Cat Rescue Emergency Vet Bills

From Crafty Cat Rescue

This money goes to help Crafty Cat Rescue cats and small animals that need emergency medical care.

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Our rescue is a small operation, but we do quite a bit for the cats, kittens, and small animals of Southeast Michigan (Particularly around Washtenaw County).  Some of the surgeries and emergencies we have dealt with, and some of which we are still paying for, include:

Lou - An awesome little white kitten who came to us with a femur broken in three places.  The vet couldn't save his leg, they had to amputate, and that estimate alone was about 1600.  The person who brought him in saved him from a vet's office that was simply going to put him down, just for having a broken leg. 

Stache, Timothy, Roger, Ella, and Ben - A group which all needed immediate treatment for upper respiratory infections, fluids, and special feedings to get them to gain weight. Stache and Timothy (two lovely black and white kittens) also had ulcers on their eyes, and the one on Stache had already ruptured.  When they get neutered his will need to be removed, and Timothy's may as well.  

Lulu, Buzz, Woody, Lilac, Willow, and Jack - Very small kittens found by some locals after they had already found Mama by the side of the road.  They needed bottle feeding, and constant vet care.  Unfortunately we did lose Lilac and Woody, after a hard battle to try to help them get better, the others all have homes now.  

Ester - Returned to the shelter because of an incompatibility in the household, within 24 hours we noticed that she had a swollen spot on her cheek/throat.  We rushed her into emergency, and after some testing it was found to be a swollen saliva gland, which had to be removed.  She is recovering well now. 

Little Bob, Thalia, and Stripey - These kittens came in right after some bad weather in the Ann Arbor area, and they had lost one sibling already.  We rushed them to the emergency vet right away, and found out that two of them had pneumonia.  It was a long recovery, but Little Bob and Thalia finally got better and started to gain weight not long ago. 

Charlotte - A wonderful buff kitten who came in with a cold, and turned out to have a major ear infection that nearly caused her eardrum to burst.  The vet thinks it may be intact, but her ear is still too swollen to tell at the moment.  We will post more updates on Charlotte when she has finished her medicine and the vet takes another look at her. 

Zoey and Mama Patches - Two calico's that came in at different times, and have very different personalities, but one major similarity - they both need dental work done.  Dental work can be quite expensive, particularly if they have to do multiple extractions. 

We are also having quite a bit of colds and have experienced a bizarre fungal infection that seems to be confusing the vets as well. It is not ringworm but it needs medication daily until it is gone.  

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