Emergency Rent Funds

Emergency Rent Funds

From Nadia Adams

Due to unexpected layoff in the middle of my maternity leave- we are unable to pay our rent

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On April 18th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that we have named Gwen. I began my maternity leave just a day before the induction on April 16th. I worked until the very last minute and even tried to work on the induction day of April 17th. We saved every penny for the unpaid leave period. I was due back to work on June 17th. 

On June 5th I received notice from my employer (click text to view notice) that my department was being eliminated. I would have the opportunity to interview for the new position. On June 14th I interviewed and was told later that day I was not selected for the new position; despite working for the company for 2 very successful years. I wish the team that remains the best of luck in the future. 

Considering the timing, we were unable to stretch our savings further; nor was I able to really delve into the job hunting process, as I expected to return to my position on June 17th. With this unexpected job loss we are experiencing a time of extreme financial crisis. My husband Corey has been working doubles at his job until recently when he was offered a new position, however, the start date was unexpectedly pushed back until later this month. Additionally, he had a minor outpatient surgery (thanks Gerri for helping us with that payment!) that requires him to be off his feet for 2 weeks during recovery.  My unemployment insurance totals to an amount significantly below our rent total and must also cover additional necessities such as electricity, car note, car insurance, water etc. 

It is with an uneasy and humble heart we are asking for assistance from friends, family, and strangers. We have 3 beautiful babies in a lovely rental home that we've treated with a great deal of love and care. While we worked hard to ensure our daily needs were covered during my leave, we did not expect the news that I wouldn't be able to return to work as planned.  We were able to stretch and pinch pennies to cover July; but August is a daunting bill in our immediate future that we just won't be able to achieve. Of course, I am working diligently to obtain new employment. I have even been able to qualify to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam under a grant that will open even MORE opportunities. 

With prayers, love, and humility we ask for any penny you can spare to help us through this difficult time. Our primary goal is to pay rent in August; any additional funds raised will be siphoned to other bills such as electricity and water.

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