From Joy Lazare

Our family just went completely broke. We've done and are doing everything in our power to correct the situation, but we have no where to turn, are out of food/necessities, and are seven days away from losing our home.

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***UPDATE: We're down to three basic rolls of TP for two adults and a child and have a days worth of food with a negative dollar amount in our account we can no longer pull from. I don't know why this is happening to us, but we are seriously in need and are requesting help as soon as possible. Whatever amount you can do will help!***

My husband and I work in education and medical research and have both been out of work for six months due to COVID. We've been trying—rigorously—to find work with no luck and have had to sell everything we've worked so hard to save for, including our car, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and now schooling for our four-year-old. We were very blessed by what we thought were reliable high-five and six-figure salaries, but, at the same time, it left us blinded to considering a situation like this ever happening to us while still in our thirties. We are not comfortable asking others for help. (Normally, we're the ones doing the donating!) But, at this point, we have no one else we can call on and are down to the last hundred dollars in our bank. We have reached our limits in every way imaginable and don't know what to do. What's worse, is if we're unable to secure resources before our lease expires at the end of the month, we'll be homeless. (Not what was expected for going to school, getting a job, and following all the rules.) In short, we are, very desperately, sending this message out into the universe, hoping for a miracle. If you can assist, in any way, we'll be forever in your debt. Our deepest thanks for helping our family.

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