Emergency fund for Z: a trans woman of colour

Emergency fund for Z: a trans woman of colour

From Zarina Muhammad And Rukeya

Z, a trans woman of colour, needs urgent support for emergency costs & to secure safe/stable housing as a result of homelessness. 

Zarina Muhammad And Rukeya

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Hello, I'm copy pasting through tears so I can thank everyone who’s spread this page or taken money out of their pockets to feed me and put a strong, caring roof over my head. Knowing how survival fundraisers for people like me usually go, I was expecting a long and scary battle to not even come close to the money I need to get to November safely. Instead of that long battle, you all have given me such a hopeful end to this series of events and the beginning of a period of stability in my life where i can live in peace for the first time ever. I especially want to recognise the work Rukeya and Zarina put into this, without them both I wouldn’t have been able to get this page up and chase people around for retweets and donations. They've helped me cross emotional oceans to put all this in place for your generosity to come pouring in.

Your energy in spreading the word about this crowdfunder and donating allows me to keep moving towards a life lived in community with the land and everything I share it with. Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a cook down to the deepest bone in my body. In honour of both these things, I’ll be thinking of everyone that’s helped contribute in every way to this crowdfunder as I plant the seeds for fruits and veggies in my new home that will eventually feed the people around me. May the efforts you all have spent in getting me to safety go on to feed the whole village for years to come.

We’re going to leave this fundraiser open until it's original end date to continue raising money for other people and groups in urgent need as well as things things I thought were out of reach before we started this page e.g. new underwear to fit my rapidly changing HRT body, comfy shoes that help with my joint pain etc. This small trickle of donations since the goal was reached have already been distributed between three funds and is now almost enough to

Thank you again, from the very pit of my stomach and a belated Eid Mubarak.

Details of situation. CW: sexual violence, transphobia, racism

Z is a trans woman of colour. She was made homeless at the start of C-19 quarantine. After leaving a sexually violent relationship, where she experienced racist & transphobic fetishising, her ex & former flatmates who are the ex's friends, continued to be hostile & aggressive towards her. This became a lot worse during quarantine, with her flatmates making her very unsafe in her home as punishment for standing up to their friend. This left her with no other option than to leave her own home for safety. 

In April, Z stayed in temporary accommodation for free & was hoping to stay there until the end of lockdown but this was cut short. Since then, she has moved into another place which costs 320€ a month.

Her former housemates stated rent that she'd just paid would be returned & her belongings would be kept safe in the flat. Instead, after she had already left under this agreement, they suddenly told her they were going to rent her room out while all her belongings are in there. Almost everything Z owns, is in that flat with her hostile former flatmates, who could at any point decide to sell off, damage or destroy her things.

This situation has worsened Z's mental & physical health - her chronic pain has increased, she's struggling to sleep & eat regularly & maintain personal hygiene. Her ability to secure work in the next months has been affected - job seeking in the city she lives in is already restricted by difficulties being hired as a trans woman of colour & will be even worse now because of C-19.

She has no other options currently - she can't access state benefits in her country of residence till  Nov & has no family support, so she urgently needs help to survive the next months.

Z needs emergency support with:

  • 350€ that was expected in May from Government's C-19 support that was cancelled because of the govt’s misorganisation. 

  • Money to secure deposit & pay estate agent fees to move into a safer home (She has an agreement with an estate agent on a house that will become available in the next months - date tbc) 
  • Money for rent & groceries until she's eligible for state benefits in Nov.
  • Money to retrieve her belongings out of previous flat & into a storage space ASAP.

  • Contingency towards costs such as: Food expenses during chronic pain flare-ups & possibly increased moving costs if there are any issues with securing the home

  • To cover essential items such as glasses which will need to be replaced soon & gender transition related expenses. 

The breakdown of costs Z needs to cover from June are: 

  • May-June rent & groceries: 450€ 

  • 1 month’s rent + 2 months deposit + 1% commission for housing from July: 1.000€

  • 4 months’ rent & bills (aug-nov): 1.400€

  • Living costs until mid-november: 60€ x 22 weeks: 1.320€

  • Costs for moving & storing furniture: 300€

  • Contingency money: 1000€

  • Estimated fees from Fundly fundraiser page (2.9% and 20p off each donation): £350

  • Estimated fees to transfer money from UK to Spanish bank account: £50 max

€5720 (£5,300) total 

Update!: March 22nd

We've reached over 3.5k in 24 hours! Thank u to those who've donated & shared so far, the love is felt.

1. Fundly are charging unreliable fees that were difficult to calculate as they range between 8%-12% per transaction, so we've adjusted the total, adding £150, to cover these fees.

2. 'Z' would like to send an update about what she will do with extra funds if we pass the target:

If donations exceed our target or my financial situation suddenly improves, extra funds will be split between a fundraiser to support recently passed nurse Onyenachi Obasi's son who previously relied on her care, the Sindicato de Manteros de Barcelona who are currently supporting 350 undocumented households with groceries & a final symbolic payment to my therapist who's been providing free & extensive therapy since the beginning of the year.

Fundraiser for funeral costs & ongoing support for Nurse Onyenachi Obasi : https://www.gofundme.com/f/nurse-onyenachi-obasi-passed-due-to-covid-19

The Sindicato de Manteros de Barcelona: https://manteros.org/

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