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LLast year Oct 28th, started off as a great day I went to work did my thing an at about 5pm I took a nap on the couch that I have in my office. An hr later I woke up with a slight headache which at the time I  didn't think anything of it. I had one More errand to run but I noticed the headache was getting worse and worse. I fought with it till I got home, took some pain killers and decided to lay down and see if it would get better. At this point the pain was excruciating, so I decided to call 911. I was rushed to the ER and a couple hrs later after some tests and a CT scan I was informed that I had a brain aneurysm and that I had popped a nerve at the back of my head that was bleeding on my brain and that was what was causing the headache. At this point things were now moving very fast to save my life. I was scheduled for an emergency surgery that lasted about 6hrs. The doctors had to insert a coil from my groin to the golf sized aneurism to fix me up but in the process there was a a complication and I suffered a stroke that affected my whole entire left side. I could not walk, eat talk, swallow and lost every coordination in me. 

Six months into therapy I took my 1st step unassisted some if my body function are coming back slowly but I'm stuck with a coordination problem. I statter alot, (something I never did) and my left hand is completely hopeless. I can't even open a bottle of water with it. It completely has no strength and my brain can't get it to coordinate. 

My family and friends talk about how lucky I am I survived and initially I was grateful, but ever since my ordeal started I have sat and watched every thing I had worked for get taken away. My business is in so much bad debt, some kids came to my work place stole my car, I'm on the verge of losng my house. I'm constantly angry my kids went from enjoying time with dad, now they're afraid of me. Honestly I wish I DIED that night. It's so painful to see you lose everything you have worked for and there nothing you can do. This is not a so story it's a cry for help. I have reached out to my local bank for assistance and that didn't work. I am so close to closing my eyes for good. I can't take it anymore. Please someone HELP ME 

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