Elements of EtG Alcohol Test: Explained!

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The exposure to drugs is getting high with each passing day. With no proper laws in place, it is hard to find an end to this solution. There are two aspects in a drug story i.e. one that consumes them and the medical unit that needs to deal with them. Since the governments do not take strict actions regarding drug usage and abusage. The medical professionals have to deal with them on their own. For this, the best they can do is conduct drug tests such as the EtG alcohol test

Almost all medical units now conduct these tests. The purpose is simple i.e. to determine the drug present in the body of a human. Drug addicts visit these units under the guidance and undergo such tests. These tests are conducted on the urine sample. Apart from social usage, these tests have wide importance in the work fields as well. 


Test Conductance 

Firstly, it is not necessary to be sure whether a person is a drug addict or not. It is because the food we now intake contains drug elements at best. Even if you eat a healthy diet, the ingredients will contain some sort of drug elements such as alcohol. For this, people indulge in their tastes and consume them sometimes without knowing. In this case, it is good to undergo drug tests every month or two to be safe. 

All drug tests require a urine sample for conductance. This is because such tests do not produce accurate results with a blood sample. The reason can be simple but in the medical term, it is of high impact. Drugs flow quickly through the blood sample which makes their detection difficult. However, through urine, they flow slowly and their detection becomes easy and effective. 


Test Elements 

Although having a urine sample feels simple. But without a proper test kit, you cannot conduct any test. For every alcohol test, there are a few standard types of equipment you need to have.

The urine sample has to go in some sort of container. This container is a test cup which is a transparent plastic bottle. A dedicated test cup contains strips that help to determine the drug's presence. Moreover, if you want to conduct a test at home or just bring a sample to a medical unit. You can make use of transparent plastic cups as well. 

A test strip is made from special material to identify the drug's presence. In essence, it is for your knowledge to know that a test strip consists of the element you need to test. For example, in the following drug test, you will need EtG alcohol test strips which will detect alcohol presence. 

A test cartridge is also known as a drug screen. Both offer the same usage whereas they differ in names in some places. A test cartridge is a plastic disc, generally rectangular, to determine the presence of different elements. All you need to do is insert them into the urine sample. The cartridge contains different columns depending upon the elements they can test. And they represent different bands. For your alcohol test, EtG Alcohol Test Cartridge will do the job. 




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