Elderly Thai Couple Left With Nothing

Elderly Thai Couple Left With Nothing


Old Thai couple were left homeless by their children. They don't have clothes, they don't have food, they don't have bed sheets, and the husband needs immediate medical attention.

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A group of children and a teacher were returning home from school when saw an old woman walking on the highway. She fell down right in front of them, so they pulled over, and helped her up. 

Since it was 100 degrees outside they decided to give her a ride home. When they arrived at her "home" they were shocked at what they saw. 

The old lady had to walk 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) just to buy some pork with 40 baht ($1.2) so she could feed herself and her sick husband. 

When the couple was asked about their children, they said they abandoned them. 

The living conditions of this elderly couple are nothing short of extreme. They don't have money for medicine, they don't have money for food, and they don't have money for clean water. The pictures speak 1,000 words. 

This campaign was setup by me and my girlfriend. We live in South Thailand. In 1 week, we will travel up North to this couple and help them. Your donations will go directly to helping the couple. 

We will take her husband to the hospital, feed them, buy them clothes, bedsheets, pillows, and help them in every way to get back on their feet again. Any donation helps. Thank you for taking your time to read this far. God bless you. 

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