Elderly Couple in Kyle struggling with Grandkids

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Hi, my name is Alexzander, 20 years old, and I live in McDonough.  I am the nephew of Melissa Lynn, the elder we are raising funds for.  

I am hoping to spread a ‘Call for Help’ from a Lakota Elderly Couple taking care of their four grandkids.

The family we are helping out is actually my family members on my Mother’s side - the grandmother is my moms first cousin - her name is Melissa Lynn, she is my Auntie.  Her kids and grandkids are my cousins, nieces and nephews.


last night I was asked to go visit my grandmothers house.  When I arrived I noticed an outhouse outside, the siding coming off of the trailer house, a small pile of wood and plastic over every window.


when I was going to knock on the door I heard a bunch of kids laughing inside. I knocked - they said come in - I pushed the door open because there was no door knob. Layers of blankets covered the door.


when I walked in and saw everyone smiling at me my eyes immediately scoped out the kitchen/living room area which was converted into a bedroom - mattresses laying around a wood stove in the middle of the room. I witnessed no running water, no windows, blankets on the walls for insulation - my heart instantly broke


when my eyes met the elderly couples eyes, the silent tears falling was all I needed to see to know what I must immediately do. I gave them a hug and reassured them I was excited to be there and visit with them. It was the five year olds birthday - I hung out and laughed with everyone.


I witnessed the kids taking turns using the flashlight on the cellphone to go outside and use the bathroom in -1 degree weather. There is no electricity - an extension cords runs across the yard buried under the snow from the neighbors which powers the electric skillet and one lamp.


I witnessed love among the family members. To me trailer is condemned - to them it is home - they invited me to their home last night - therefore I am going to respect their property as such.


I sat and listened to sad stories of continued denied support from the Tribe and it’s programs. The only assistance received was wood despite witnessing all of the hardships the elderly couple is enduring.


I personally reached out to Medicine Root District Rep Ryan Jumping Eagle, OST President Kevin Killer, OST Emergency Management and OST Treasurer Mason Big Crow seeking any form of help - a motel room, financial assistance for a used trailer, requested temporary use of the RVs sitting vacant outside of Pine Ridge - All of my requests were Denied for the Elderly couple.


The family stayed up all night making sure the fire did not go out in the -7 degree weather last night. This morning I checked in on the family - they were frozen. I called Medicine Root Councilman Gerald Conouyer and begged for help - he convinced President Killer to cover two nights at our Tribal Hotel - no meals approved.


i need everyone’s help to get their home fixed up before they return with the grandkids. They have absolutely nothing. The kids are 13, 10, 5 and 10 months old. I need your help to help them.


I promise I will commit all my time and energy to help these elders in need. Anything you can help with is greatly appreciated - my goal is to get them a used trailer house set up so I can haul the condemned one to the landfill.


lets help them extend their lodging so I can have additional time to get clothing, food, shelter and items they need taken care of - it is freezing


together we can make this happen for a family who is simply in hard times again - much love


The funds raised will be used to purchase a used mobile home immediately for the Elders to live in temporarily.   The Grandkids must be in hotel due to the extreme and unpredictable weather conditions - they are currently housed at Prairie Wind Casino Hotel in Oglala.The remaining funds will be used to purchase food, clothing, securing reliable transportation, purchasing furniture and necessities of life.The goal is to secure match funds from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Programs, Businesses and private donors to purchase lumber and other materials needed to build a permanent frame house for the family.   Several construction companies have reached wanting to donate services.

I will keep the welfare of the children as a priority - securing lodging, meals, clothing, healthcare access - keeping kids healthy and happy.  Two are doing virtual online schooling right now.

 Melissa Lynn will have full authority and control over the estate immediately following completion of build, paint and fully furnishing house - the property title will be provided to Melissa Lynn.Any additional funds will cover travel expenditures to get donations, delivery of goods purchased and to get items requested by the kids - clothing, shoes, haircuts and hygiene items.  I will personally take the kids out and shop.

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