Elation EMR With A Mindful Approach Towards Patient Care

Elation EMR With A Mindful Approach Towards Patient Care

From Ben Allen

Elation EHR is becoming more and more popular these days. You might have many questions about this change in the user's preference. What are the things that instigate users' interest in this particular vendor? What ar...

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Elation EHR is becoming more and more popular these days. You might have many questions about this change in the user's preference. What are the things that instigate users' interest in this particular vendor? What are its differentiating functionalities? How does it help medical practices gain a competitive advantage? The answer to these million-dollar questions lies in this fine piece.

About Elation EMR Software:

Elation EMR software is a revolutionary healthcare tool inclined to increase the flexibility and productivity of medical practices. This phenomenal solution is known as a clinical-first platform because it strives to enhance care delivery processes with limitless functionalities. The software aims to make the real-time patient experience meaningful by helping physicians devote full attention to their patients. 

Implementing Elation EMR software means letting go of worries, and this is what physicians need. It efficiently handles a wide range of clinical tasks and saves a substantial amount of practitioners' time. This amazing software strives to help practices embrace the feeling of growth by improving the clinical revenue with its growth-oriented approach. It does not limit its services to a particular specialty but extends to a range of medical practices. 

This network-enabled solution empowers physicians to make informed decisions regarding patients' health. There is no glitch in the way the system operates, for it believes in personalized experiences and customizes its features accordingly. Physicians can effortlessly align this innovative solution with their clinical aims and goals. Whether it's clinical treatment, virtual care, or outpatient care services, Elation EMR is the one-stop-shop.

Features of Elation EMR Patient Cycle

The software makes sure patients get to the point of care without compromising the treatment quality. It breaks down the entire patient cycle into bits and pieces. 

Off-site Interactions

The first thing Elation EHR focuses on is off-site interaction with patients. This means it focuses its functionalities on processes like online appointment scheduling, sending appointment alerts, and patient check-ins and intake forms. It automates this entire process to gain patients' confidence way before physical interaction.

Virtual Care

It also supports virtual interfaces for emergency cases where patients cannot come for on-site visits. It helps chronic health patients and those residing in distant areas. It strengthens doctors' bonds with patients over the network. Healthcare providers can even review patient charts and clinical summaries etc., during virtual interactions to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Patient Encounters

Then it works on improving face-to-face patient encounters. It is the most critical step of the patient cycle as the client satisfaction rate depends on the in-person encounter quality. To make it valuable, Elation EMR features state-of-the-art tools including charting, e-ordering, graphical representation of previous records, and a coding facility to process documents efficiently.

Care gap:

Next in line is closing the care gap. Again, Elation prioritizes lessening this gap in care delivery by identifying the loops in care management. For this very reason, it shares care plans with patients to keep them informed and offers a clinical quality dashboard to monitor the plans readily for outstanding care services.

Practice Operations:

This is the non-negligible part of the patient cycle which doctors usually refer to as after-care services. It is based on several factors like payment processing, reports generation, dashboard management, and more. It is crucial to stay on the same page with staff, and Elation EMR software helps with that. Simply put, it helps manage clinical activities.

Third-party Integrations

It is vital to connect with care specialists, laboratories, and significant care facilities to deliver premium quality care. Integrations help gather patient-relevant information that aids with approaching the patient's case in a better way. In addition, these electronic processes save quality time and resources by reducing manual work without affecting care delivery.

Elation EMR Pricing Plans

Elation EMR software knows the value of transparency and what it means for its users. That is why Elation EMR has listed its pricing plans on the website. By understanding the budget range and complexities healthcare providers face, the system offers both annual and monthly pricing structures. Practices can choose whichever method suits them best with no restrictions.

The vendor offers three different pricing plans based on the people they serve. In addition, its services are not limited to primary care providers but extend to insurance companies and other large-scale healthcare-associated facilities. Here's what Elation EMR costs for its services to a diverse range of users:

Direct Care: For direct care providers Elation EMR pricing plan starts from 349/month. If billed annually, it offers a significant discount and charges $279/month, a colossal relaxation for all users. This package is available both on a membership-based and a direct pay basis. The medical professionals have the freedom to choose the one they think will work best for them.

Insurance: The next pricing plan of Elation EMR is named insurance, and it works best for practices that need extensive codes for handling a pile of databases. It is priced at $399 on a monthly basis and $314 on an annual basis. This plan also includes the element of discount to ensure clients that Elation sincerely cares for them.

Enterprise: This exclusive plan by Elation EMR software earned it a notable reputation in a short span. No two healthcare facilities have the same demands, and thus, there is no specific price for this plan. It is a custom-based plan designed explicitly on practitioners' requests. A tailored to fit feature-rich plan to help them run a smooth yet productive practice as they deem fit.

Elation EMR Demo:

According to Elation EMR reviews apart from all the bells and whistles, Elation EMR also features a free demonstration facility for its users. The best part of the demonstration is that it can be customized to physicians' needs. Physicians have to submit a request for a demo by mentioning their priorities, and the expert team of Elation EMR will set the demonstration visit to fulfill those requirements. This way, care professionals get to know the system better by having a practical insight into the system. 

Concluding Thoughts

Whether physicians want to avail the services of Elation EMR or not is totally their call. We laid down all the aspects you must know about this excellent software. Instead of just relying on our words, practitioners can freely opt for the demo of Elation EMR to clear all concrete queries before making any commitment.

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