Education for poor

Education for poor

10/12/2020, 10:00AM
Flushing,NY, Flushing NY 11355

From Pradeep Kumar

Educating Engineers

Pradeep Kumar



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Flushing,NY, Flushing NY 11355

Date & Time

Monday, October 12 2020

10:00 AM

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FREE COMPUTER LITERACY TO POOR CHILDREN : Its Foundation and Humble Beginning

The idea came from my long time desire to share the knowledge I have accumulated for many years. It is in my blood to help the poor although my pocket cannot afford. I have many students and friends who know my sincerity to help the project by providing financial backing in small wholehearted way. I started with a pc and our house is use as training venue. Many children got interested to learn for it's totally free, modular in scope, skill-based training, and learners are given free internet access to upload their works to social media. I focus on skills training vital for growth and sustainability of individual and I don't follow traditional way of teaching to make the learning outcomes at high.

I name this charity in a simplest way so that people directly understand the purpose, the target group of individuals, and its vision. I made things less complicated. Everything is designed as easy as possible. No requirements needed. I asked nothing from the parents and kids. The only requirement is their presence and desire to learn. As to the name I made research in the internet some charity with regards to computer education. There are many titles I found eventually I decided to name it "FREE COMPUTER LITERACY TO POOR CHILDREN". Dedication, vision, purpose guided me in naming the project. By convention the title is short, striking and meaningful. As always God is there to help me. He knows you, your desire, your vision. Nothing is hidden from Him. Some projects failed because God wants it to fail. Failures means hope and God use your failures to make you succeed. Hardships, frustrations mold my character to do pursue a project like this. This did not happen by chance, God prepared me for many years. What I've done is exactly God's plan. I follow the path he laid out in my life. Many may misunderstand my actions but If you are enlightened with the Holy Spirit you never questioned it anymore.  I always put it in my mind "Everything happens with a certain purpose and it happen at exact time. God works in mysterious ways. He is perfect and he is always on time." Do what your heart desire, Every word of God is planted in inside your heart. Don't hesitate to do good whether acceptable or not to human standard. Charity knows no color, it is pure because it's come from God.

My original plan is to focus only to India, Hyderabad as project implementation area. But due to growing demand so I decided to extend my services to other people from neighboring places. As time went by many have reacted and got interested to my project. The number of recipients grows bigger and bigger. Many parents see the benefits the project gave to the community in long term basis. The continuity of the operation depends on many factors. Number is one financial. Second is equipment. Third is commitment. But the most important one is my commitment to manage the project. I am poor and there are few desktops presently used in many of months of training. The project continues to serve its primary purpose. With some donation from friends project continue until today.

My missionary work grows and now include Feeding Mission Project, Youth Development and Poverty Reduction Projects, Clean Up Drive. I know the need of the community and our charity has made much contributions to youth development, thus reducing the number of youths just wandering in the community without direction.

My house is a charity, research, child formation center in the municipality of Hyderabad, India. I love to mold children into more responsible, educated person. I offer livelihood training program to the youth who wants to start his own business. Some youths have already acquired this livelihood training program and have started their own personal services and they also volunteer in the charity to teach other children.

My charity project is a family endeavor to edcuate the less fortunate children. My wife and kids help in teaching and guiding the children to do their works. Assisting them whenever there is problem, providing the necessary information how to solve a certain unknown situation.

My educational charity project prepares the learners for work, college life, personal business ventures. Equipped with necessary skills the learners are ready to face new challenges.

I teach my students with no fear and no limits, in area of education where knowledge is useful to make their life sustainable and prosperous.

My family is not financially-blessed but we tried our best to serve the poor children in India, /hyderabad in particular and whole country in general.


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