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We are from the Indonesian Women Professional Divers Community (Komunitas Penyelam Profesional Perempuan Indonesia - KP3I), a community consisting of female professional divers from all over Indonesia who are involved in the Indonesian diving industry.

One of our annual program activities is nature preservation and marine conservation. We have several marine programs that have been running for almost 2 years. One of these programs is the Coral Restoration Project which we carried out in the Thousand Islands - Jakarta.

Our Coral Restoration Project is going very well with optimistic outcome while we do all of these programs independently. However, since the 2020 pandemic, our marine program has had to be postponed.

In 2021, we would like to re-raise these marine programs with more variety and benefit for the communities. One of them is to invite orphans and introduce them to the beauty of the ocean by carrying out Coral Transplant activities and marine education. 

However, due to our limited funds, we would like to invite good people to participate in contributing to this program.

Our project named Children of the Sea (Anak Selam Indonesia)


Children are the nation's next generation. The future recipient who must continue to maintain the preservation of the environment for the survival of our ways of life. Introducing children to nature needs to be done from an early age. Although it is undeniable, not all 'lucky' children are born and grow in an environment close to nature, especially with the life circumstances that these orphans have to face.

Yet still, nature cannot be separated from life. Moreover, being close to nature also provides many benefits for children's development. Not only for physical health, but also teaches them invaluable lessons.

These orphans are children who have lost their parents and their families who are eventually placed in the Orphanage Foundation. Since Covid-19 hit Indonesia, more children have lost their parents because their parents were taken away by Covid-19 or their family was broken because of poverty. And in an instant, they have to lose their childhood, family guidance, care and affection of their parents, and some even lose the opportunity to go back to school due to lack of money. The joy of their childhood finally disappeared.

Therefore, we would like to give these orphans the opportunity to get involved with marine education by introducing them to the Coral Conservation, ocean heritage and natural beauty of sea. Many benefits of introducing nature to children from an early age:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase their intelligence
  • Teach them responsibility
  • Develop awareness to continue to maintain the balance of natural ecosystems, hence they can understand that nature needs to be preserved and cared for.
  • Introducing them to the incredible beauty and natural heritage of marine.
  • Educating children to be grateful for God's extraordinary gifts to humans.
  • To foster their adventurous spirit
  • Develop creativity and imagination by allowing them to discover new things.
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn the wisdom of nature
  • To be active
  • To bring back their lost happiness.


  • This project is planned to be carried out 2x cycles in 1 year, in the month of June and September 2021
  • The overall duration of each cycle of the activity is 1 full day.
  • Location activities is on the Pramuka Island, Thousand Islands - Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Budget plan for each cycle is to bring for 20 children, 2 guardian of the children from the Orphanage Foundation along with 12 Dive Instructors who will be their coach and guides during marine activities. With the total of 34 participants for each cycle.
  • Budget for each cycle is Rp. 43.000.000. With total budget of Rp. 86.000.000 (equivalent to USD 6.615) for the whole cycle.


  • Evaluate, selection and verify of interest, physical fitness, health and abilities of each child before the activity takes place.
  • Lead 20 orphans of aged 10-15 years to Pramuka Island, Thousand Islands - Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Accommodate these children to marine education and nature conservation.
  • To engage these children to coral transplant activity.
  • To take a visit to the Turtle hatchlings farm
  • To conduct Trial Scuba/Bubble Maker for these orphans which will be coached and oversee by experienced female dive instructors from KP3I, to see the sea coral and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.
  • Provide opportunities for the orphans to enjoy nature and received rewarding activities
  • All activities will be carried out by following Covid-19 health and safety procedures.


By presenting the opportunity for these orphans to get to know the ocean environment and allow them involve in nourishing the beautiful corals and marine habitats while providing education about nature conservation, it is expected that these children could:

  • Finding and accepting himself
  • Have a purpose in life
  • Convenient to be socialize with the environment thus they can have a high motivation to be more involved in nature
  • They will have more love and care for nature
  • More tolerant and sensitive hence they can respect and be considerate of others
  • Helping each other
  • Have experiences that could raise their enthusiasm with advantageous education
  • More independent and discipline
  • Free in making decisions
  • Have good intuition
  • Cheerful and humorous. 

And what is more important is to make these children as successors of a nation that is constructive with high creativity for their future.

To be concluded that by giving these children the opportunity to be familiar with nature, they will learn more than you can imagine. They will find peace and harmony as well as understand the art of living.

Thereupon, we would like to invite good people and open your heart to participate in this program. We are confident that this program will function well by your kindness support.

Thank you,

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